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Thread: Top programs to be installed on a new computer

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    Hello, well, this weekend Im taking the photos for my system as a build it, but here is a really good question!
    What programs (not games, or apps, such as photoshop) do you think should be the first to be loaded upon
    a new computer? Benchmarks? Utilities, such as win zip? that sort of thing. Or do you load up backgrounds, or themes? I look forward to your feed back.

    Also, for the admins, what size of jpg files can I upload to the site, or rather, what size do you recommend when I sumbit my building photos? Thanks! I'll see you on monday when Ill sumbit my article (Also should that go to the Mod building section, or where Ill be modding it later but now this is a basic build and reviewish at the same time so A pointer where that should go would be of great help. Thanks alot!)

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    1st off: Correct browser!
    I hate internet explorer, and since all the other programs need to be downloaded, go and download your browser of choice. This, and most of the rest of this list, does not apply to linux systems, and some of it does not apply to macs.

    2nd: Plugins!
    You need these to use the internet, so go and get them: flash, shockwave, adobe reader, whatever.

    3rd: Security!
    Even if you don't do anything really sensitive, spyware and adware can slow your computer down.
    Ad-Aware, Spybot search and destroy, and avg are good. You can use Avast!, but it requires activation which can be a pain if you have to install it on multiple systems.

    4th: Random Programs!
    You need these to effectively use your computer, so go and download them: itunes, winamp, whatever else you use.

    5th: Computer Maintenance!
    Get yourselft a registry cleaner and a defragger or whatever else you can think of. I recommend abexo registry cleaner and I can't think of a good defragger right now. I know that windows includes a defragger, but you can't do anything while it's running and it takes like a year.

    6th: (and this is optional) Random apps!
    Some people cannot live without their widgets and windows skins. These are important, but they are usually uncertified and should be installed after the system is determined working. Check out for good skins and productivity enhancers. However, you have to pay for the good ones. (it's not much - like $15)

    Naturally, you should do all of this after installing drivers and getting all the bugs out. I mean, unless the bugs require downloads. I hope that this helps!

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    That does. Vista Comes with IE 7 (and to tell you the truth It's not too bad.) But I dont have familarity with firefox or whats the other one they use now a-days, sandrox or something like that? So I will proboly stick with IE 7 for now, and Ill be d/l my cables free macafee programs for security.

    I do have another question, however, on the new mobo, it has two eithernet ports, which one do I use If I only have one jack to my cable box? Can I stick it in either one? Also, Yeah Im a tard, but whats the red colored power 6 pin connector that I have for? Is that for sli only, or not? (I only have one card, so not sure if I use just that one or not?) I Think thats all the q's I have for now. (more later, im sure.)

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    Either internet port... If they are numbered 1 is better than 2. 6pin is for graphics, if the card has a connector for it, plug it in (if not, it wont be used).
    Things i find i need most often:
    Graphics Driver
    IM program (Gaim, AIM, MSN)
    DivX/Xvid codecs
    CD/DVD burning
    Games games games.

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    I usually get drivers and security first, then i set up Winamp and get my music going and my IM programs so i can enjoy the task's of tweaking the system(deleting the junk and other things) to get it to work better than it normally would.
    I then set up FF and get any plugins for that.

    Once i get that done I set up my desktop by changing the background and icon's, renaming everything I can and organizing.
    Then finally i go thru do a defrag and a cleanup make sure i got EVERY single thing how i want it and I set up my games and start playing

    As for pictures I'd say as long as people with their resolution at 800x600 can see it without scrolling then your good

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    As for pictures I'd say as long as people with their resolution at 800x600 can see it without scrolling then your good
    Thats an old one

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    As a follow up, when I install vista what programs should I not include/not include in the list? Also does MSCONFIG still work? Im not sure. I got the 64 bit version, fyi. Ah What will proboly happen is Ill take the pictures tonight and get the basic set up going, at least (Just the hardware instalation) Then well go over the friken myriad of overclocking options I have at my disposal and how to do that, since Ive never done that... oh boy... its going to be fun, im sure.

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    1. Firefox
    2. Drivers
    2.A External HDD Drivers (where I have MP3s on :P)
    3. Winamp (can't go without music right?)
    4. MS Updates (if possible, if you own a legal copy of Windows)
    5. MS Office
    6. Antivirus program (Nod32 or something)
    7. Anti-spyware program (usually Ad-Aware)
    8. Instant messengers
    9. Total Commander
    10. Other programs
    11. Games

    That's how I usually do my setup

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    I use OpenSuse 10.2 so most applications are built in and just need to be installed. These are a couple that need to be added from repositories or just added to make a good desktop..

    1. Xine
    2. Flash Player
    3. w32codecs
    4. libquicktime
    5. ffmpeg
    6. mythtv frontend
    7. thunderbird
    8. wine
    9. CrossOver Office
    10. Photoshop
    11. Bibble Pro
    12. Kino
    13. whois
    14. traceroute
    15. NVU
    16. Kernel Source
    17. GCC C++
    18. make

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    Top programs to be installed on a new computer

    For vista dont include any extras that are included(unless you want them), Yes there still is MSCONFIG so all is good.
    Google Sketchup and GIMP do not work with Vista(sketchup might work now)

    @Britrb I know a few people who use it sometimes, that and it helps for people with slow internet connections.

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