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Thread: Online machine shop

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    Online machine shop

    i stumbled on this today and instantly thought of how cool it would be

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    Online machine shop

    I thought that would be a great idea and then I started to do some reading about the cost of it and this is what I found.

    The cost of fabricating your job depends on your design, material selection, quantity, machine used etc.

    Simple jobs on simple machines generally start at around $150 for setup and as low as $1 per part (or even lower) for simple parts.

    That $150 setup fee just stopped me from using it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Online machine shop

    Not a bad find

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    Online machine shop

    I could put together my own rudimentary machine shop for $150! I think that site is more intended for small businesses and car restorers (sometimes they need a part that doesn't exist). Anyway, I think that I'll stick to making my own stuff

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    Online machine shop

    Prices are a bit steep .

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    Online machine shop

    Once they get 3d printing with metal this will be a much more feasible idea. Right now they can do it with plastic, so you could have a plastic whatever, but not with metal.... yet. It takes a bit of time but is ideal for this kind of "only need one" work. They cost about $1000 for a kit, but anyone could buy one and put up his own site with the same principle as this one but with lower costs. The only problem is that you could only do plastic.

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