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Thread: project - reFURb

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    project - reFURb

    ok, this isn't really a mod-job but what started out as a simple repair job on a m8's pc has turned out to be a full-on refurb job!! lol
    i think i'll be etching the window at some point though!!..........


    ^benchtesting the psu, and it works fine now, that's my celeron rig im testing it on!^
    now for the heatsink and fan........
    i dont know a lot about polishing so i used maybe to course a paper and yes thats colour restorer im using lol!!
    this technique did work for me b4 on one of my mums ornaments! lol....................

    ^ i had to swap in the k7 board as his original mobo is fried! ^
    cleaning up the front panel a bit more and the extra ram im giving to him!

    so thats that so far, i'll update as soon as possible!!

    small update!
    after much deliberation and advice my customer decided on a new mobo and cpu.

    celeron d 3.06ghz
    asus p5pe-vm socket lga775.

    i set it all up last night and nadda!! i started to worry until i took out the agp card, the system booted no probs!!
    so at present she's running onboard graphics until he gets a new card and some new ram!
    windows xp essential installed and running stable!
    next up..........

    window etch
    more case cleaning
    cable management
    front led strips need looking at as they aren't lighting up anymore

    pics comming soon................ :grin:

    new gpu turned up at my door thismorning - Inno3D NVidia geforce6200
    it's a budget card due to customers request! i'll be installing it today or tommorow, so pics soon!!
    before and after (hardware)!! i still have to work on tidying the cables!!
    all thats left now is the window etch, install a re-writer and clean up the panels!!

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    project - reFURb

    Nice tranformation, keep up with the great work. Your customer is going to love ya. Happy Modding to ya.

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    project - reFURb

    Lookin' good

    just one thing,
    isn't it better if the surface on the part of the heatsink touches the CPU (where the thermal paste comes in between) shouldn't be completely polished? I heard that too smooth surface doesn't allow the thermal paste to stay on the heatsink but it's squeezed out when the cpu and the heatsink are pressed together?

    I hope you understand what I mean...

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    project - reFURb

    and its done!


    and after!!................

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    project - reFURb

    Wow, sure is purdy, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Happy Modding to ya.

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    project - reFURb


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