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Thread: project - Hell Bell

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    project - Hell Bell

    ok, so here's my second project, given to me by my dad.
    she's about 6-7 years old and has been treated with the greatest love and care!!
    until now that is:evil:
    i don't know why but i HATE packard bell's, i really do!!!!!
    but she does run ok for me, which would be my first pleasent experience, EVER, with a "p b".
    so ive decided to treat her as my dad has, but with some added crunk!!
    my design thus far........

    this will be a clear window, with maybe an etched design!

    so the side panel behind the bobo tray will be done as is written on the actual panel in red.
    it will have frosted plexi behind it lit with blue led/cathode/neon? not sure which yet!!

    the scheme will be continued on the top panel. this will be a frosted backlit window ( again, blue. )

    the inside of the case ( inspired by thrasher2!! hope u don't mind dude?! ) will be a pearescent/metallic white affair.
    whilst the outer shell will be treated to either a metallic/flip ( budget allowing that is!! lol ) dark blue
    or a deep candy purple with a high shiny finish.
    as for the front of the case shape/design wize i'm not sure yet, i'm thinking of going for a nice seamless minimal/simple look with stealthed? drives.

    quick upddate.
    i've removed the front panel and stripped all the plastic bits n bobs off.
    panels have gone with my dad to be cut! i will be cutting them but its better out my dads coz i can use his workshop!!! so i will be going out there oneweekend to do that with my dads help!!
    it was my dads pc afterall and he is showing great interest in this project!!

    i'm going too look at some of the tutorials to get a good idea of the methods and materials i can use to get the result i want!!

    ok i'm going to look at the front panel today! i have a good idea what i'm doing now, its just a question of if i can pull it off well enough! lol
    the main idea for the fan and drive bays is not that original, its been done countless times b4, but i have a nice little idea for the drive bay mod that i haven't seen before!!
    but more about that later..... here's a pic of something i got free from a car tuner mag
    which i want to implement into my overall theme!!

    im not100% on this design, but at least i now have the panel sanded and a good idea of what i want!
    (mechanicaly that is! )

    im thinking of having the outline of the flames backlit?!
    what do u guyz think??
    no, actually the more i look at this front panel the more i hate the design!!!!!!!!
    back to the drawing board as they say!!!
    i am going to fill that oval section!
    the power switch/hdd+power led/blue backlight led's are all on the same pcb which sits behind.
    i was thinking of filling that oval, putting in a new " pimp " power button ( only one, there isn't a reset switch! ) and using the blue led's (which run down each side of the pcb. 2x4 led's ) to backlight the flames.
    one of the snags ive hit is that the pcb sits to low down for a fan to fit that hole flush.....
    what do u think, any idea's how to move that pcb up? ( its mounted on 4 stand offs each of them just under an inch. and does it need to be grounded like the mobo? )

    here's what ive got......
    it won't fit in one of the bays, and besides, i already have plans for the 3 bays that are there!
    all i'm saying is " total stealth "
    but i do see where your comming from! the bottom pcb ( usb etc ) will be relocated quite easily.
    i wonder if i could make new wholes for the standoffs maybe quarter on an inch(ish) up?...
    what do you think?
    so here's the deal withe that pcb, ive removed it but by the look of things i can't remove the standoffs! any ideas?? could i use normal mobo standoffs as the pcb would sit closer to the metal.
    i don't suppose that would effect the electrics side of things would it?!

    this is the back of the standoffs.......
    i've got them out, i dont know if u can see by the photo quality but the standoffs were "snapped?" in.
    i eventually tapped them out with a hammer:evil: , i tried using pliers but it was bending the hell out of the metal faceplate which i really don't want to do!!! there's a bit of untidieness but that can be sorted!
    looks like i can still use the standoffs!!:haha: here's some pics, sorry bout the size but it will give u a better idea of what im on about!!

    don't forget i won't be re-using these holes! i'll still tidy them up though.
    finished the blow hole! i did this with a junier hacksaw and sand paper.....

    i probably won't be using this fan, depends what eventual colour scheme works!!
    apologies for my fiance's middle finger!! this was not intentional!! lol
    quick update!
    after finding this.......

    and after lots of banging and snipping...............

    it may not be in the eventual finish, but its definately an idea!! maybe a backup plan?!
    anywayz, its a small tribute to storm'd by defyant as i really liked what he did with those side intakes!! i hope u don't mind defyant?? as this is nowhere near the quality of your work!!
    like i said it may not even turn out this way as i have 3 or 4 ideas kicking around in my head for this blow hole.. ( either way, it WILL be a blow hole!! )
    *UPDATE* - i got a new toy yesterday! present from my dad -

    and ive started on cutting out the flame outline on the front panel.
    unfortunately i screwed up a bit!! but this will be cleaned up.
    to makr things even more unique ive stolen an idea that i have for project " claw "
    this will definately make a huge improvement. this idea was also inspired by someone on this site!
    but more of that later.... coel, i'll pm u my ' idea ' as i dont want to spoil the surprise for anyone, but would like your opinion!!

    and i salvaged this from my psu.....

    ive decided to use the 120mm as an intake underneath the case. i have a design in mind that really rocks! or at least i think so!! it will continue the " hotrod " theme!!
    more pics when i've had an oportunity to get some work done!
    its not easy using the front room to do my modz when my 3yo son is running around! lol:thumbsup:
    and it beginz

    here's the other panel ( mobo side ) under way, don't foeget that these "slits" will be backlit through frosted acrylic!

    soon.... some more window cuts........
    thanks for all your comments so far guys!! its well apreciated!
    i may also have a k&n air filter lined up for the exhaust port and its huge!!
    i just need to talk my m8 round coz he wants £40 for it!
    anywayz more updates soon
    quick update:

    i aquired these parts from a friend who weighs in a lot of scrap!! and i may have a lot more " bits 'n' pieces " on the way!:thumbsup:

    maybe the beginnings of a homemade wc setup?! we'll see!! and thats one helluva fan/turbine!!

    suggestions welcome!!
    more window cuts and the other side panel cuts finished!

    that windows sticker will obviously be removed! lol

    small * update * -
    i sourced an old keyboard and mouse of mine for project "Hell-Bell"

    and yes before any one asks, they will be sanded, primered, resprayed and polished to match the rest of the project!!


    the flame outline on the left i just did today!! it needs cleaning up!
    but i really like where this is goin!!
    the flame on the right and the vertical oval section are going to be filled in as i have an idea to rectify the right hand side mess up!!
    i will use the left hand side flame as an accent flame! and then the section to the right will be smoothed over and this is where my power button and hdd/power led's will be mounted!!

    thanks bill!! im glad u like it!!
    here's me makin a start on the stealth drive, and yes i got all the help i needed from funkystickman's webcast!!!
    and benchtesting my celeron rig, yep i got that baby back up and runnin' !! now i just gotta overclock that bitch! ( once ive learned how!! lol............

" alt="" />

    so, anyway, pics of primered chassis which will eventually be a nice pearlescent white!
    and some 'filler' work to get the 'new' shape of my front panel!

    ok, apart from front blowhole the chassis is complete!!
    2 coats of white primer ( then lightly sanded. )
    4 coats of satin white
    2 coats of clearcoat.

    small update, ive basically been buiding up the shape of my blowhole. its not finished yet so please bear with me lol!!

    the port i made from the empty filler tub! cut it to size and then cut out the base. ghetto moddin, can't beat it!! :twisted: [/img]

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    project - Hell Bell

    Now it should be able to breath better with that new nose that you have put on. Happy Modding to ya.

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    project - Hell Bell

    nose :P
    lol em3

    Good job on the blowhole, I actually want to do 2 like that one but I don't know how yet.. I want them to be made volcano-like... all at its time

    good job on the case mrmobeus2001

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    project - Hell Bell

    yea some good work you got going on duno if you have seen it yet good friend techytom has used the same case as you and modded that! just found it intresting that you are using the same one, anyway good stuff keep up the good work mate

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    project - Hell Bell

    Off to a good start mrmobeus2001, I was expecting an AC/DC mod from the title lol

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