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Thread: project - CLAW

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    project - CLAW

    ok so here's my first mod, its not finished yet, FAR from it! pics coming of my progress so far..............

    various stages of the case!! with a few ideas i may still use?!
    sorry ive missed some inbetween pics out! truth is ive lost them! lol

    i do apologize the photo quality on some of these pics, i only had my camera phone at the time lol......

    this is after i sprayed the chassis with a gloss black and then i sprayed a trickle of gold from a distance to try and get a metal flake "effect"...... then some ruff cutz.......

    after installment of some parts.......

    hope u can see the gold fleks better in these pics, this was still drying at the time!!

    *UPDATE* ive decided what im going to cover the front and rear, yes rear ( matching in shape, size, and design ) in but thats a surprize for now!! lol the case panels ( sides and top ) will be resprayed in an altogether nicer colour that pops out 'atcha! and i'll be using some better techniques aswell! lol
    once this project is completed im hoping to see some " OH OH OH's " from ric!! lol..............

    obviously the blowholes will be cleaned up and the corners aswell.
    the "chip" u can see just below the top right corner will be filled out and cleaned up b4 the "covering" goes on!!

    YEEHAA!! my first etch and my first webcast! lol sorry for the poor quality guyz!!!

    [youtube] [/youtube

    ok, so here's the nearly finished product!!
    bill'n'stu, notice my ever-so small ( 80mm small ) tribute to project ghostrider! hope u like?!

    ok here's a quick update, ive got my ppc workin again, this will be going into the mix! i just dunno when, where or how yet! lol
    the other pics are of my son enjoying my screensaver ( he'll sit there for hours if i let him!! )
    and the last pics are of my dad ( mrmobeus snr ) putting his £2 in, he'z got major skillz with wood and i wanted that same high quality in my mod! the frosted tube was a uv light tube for an outdoor pond, i frosted it using my dads grinding stone!!

    p.s. i drew out the plans myself and then my old man carried out the woodwork to my instruction!

    mock build pics coming soon........

    just testin the frosted 'tube' i made up for the ccfl, dont forget this will be red eventually!!

    the top panel of "CLAW" started! and a small start on a far off project lol!!

    thats it for now! i'll try and get a mock build sorted tonight!! lol
    i keep saying i will but haven't yet!!

    small *update* haven't done the mock build yet as im a bit behind with a few things but hey! it happens lol!!
    im playing around with lighting ideas/themes at the mo and what will co-inside with the over all theme of claw!
    the bezzel on the window will be covered to match the front and rear plates!!and the bezzel on the front i have an idea for,
    but not sure yet! lol

    more......... by the way the 80mm grill i made from an old speaker grill!! you'll see it in project - "Hell-Bell"! anywayz.....

    and the re-arranged desktop!!

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    project - CLAW

    I'm going to watch this mod, just to see what you are going to do with the small screen. I have a 7" screen and I'm wanting to get some ideas on what and how to do with it. Happy Modding to ya.

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