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Thread: project - KATANA

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    project - KATANA

    this was my first ever case i bought myself, its seen many changes in hardware etc and it now is a temporary home to my athlonxp rig!
    i've always wanted to mod this beast ( its my largest case i have! )
    since i caught the modding bug but i never got round to it!
    the name KATANA is a tribute to my growing interest in the old samurai code and my yearning to learn bushido! ive always wanted to do my samurai theme to this case so nows my chance!
    as like "HISUI" this will be a long running project due to time, money and my other projects/work! lol.
    so far ive literally relocated the power/reset switches to the back on one of the pci bay covers!..................

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    project - KATANA

    Putting the buttons in the rear sounds like a cool idea for smoothing out the front bezel but in my case I wouldn't be able to reach them but that's neither here nor there, what really matters is that it works for you. So I'm going to keep an eye on this mod. I understand about the time and money part. Keep up with the great work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    project - KATANA

    I too like to put the switches in the back. Its one of my signatures. I like to hide lots of things on my cases.

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