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Thread: project - HISUI

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    project - HISUI

    yep, another worklog lol!
    i wanted to do a 'desktop mod' at some point so here it is.
    this will be my fiance's pc when finished!
    so far ive stripped it down, and etched what will be a small accent window.
    i'm just kinda working out where everything is going to go right now, i want to have the psu external if i can. now that would be different!
    thats a socket 462 asrock mobo, dunno if i'm going to use it yet though!
    i'll keep this as an open suggestion log, so any ideas are welcome!
    so without further a do............
    p.s. this project is at priority level 4 as i need to finish claw, hell-bell and refurb first! lol so if this takes time you'll know why!

    not much of an update really! lol
    as i said before my rotary tool bust its ass on me, but i should have that window done soon!
    next up, - filling and sandinding.

    quick update guys......

    hehe just had to have some david gilmour playing in the background!

    and test fit pics of the nearly finished window!! just need to tidy it up a bit!!

    another update!
    not much work done, i've basically shaved those 'struts' out from that opening in the left side of the panel.
    there was a plastic 'wall' behind that opening which i have removed as it will get in the way of any ccfl/l.e.d. setup i put in behind there!
    and finally i've began on filling over the bits i want smoothed over or hidden! the volume knob idea i've scrapped and i'm going down the remote path instead! i'm going to try to get the power controlled by remote aswell! watch this space....................

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    project - HISUI

    I use to own one like that, so it will be quite interesting to see what you can do with it. Happy Modding to ya.

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