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Thread: manchester X2

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    manchester X2

    here is my rig!

    what do you all think

    hardware list at bottom of post

    i changed out the hdd led for a much brighter amber one(the other one was way to dim)
    i have 4 ccfl 2 blue and 2 uv
    i swaped out the thermal take silent power 2(or something like that) for an ultra 550w xconnect 2 (after i fried the tt, whoops)
    i back lit the temp/fan control lcd with el foil(major pain in tha ...)

    i changed out the volume leds in my speaker controller for blue ones (they were green)

    all rounded uv reactive cables
    hidden installed switches for the ccfls
    painted the floppy and cd drives to match the blue/silver look (and my other drive that came silver)

    i think they match pretty good, how about you?
    bottom two drives are painted the top one is that way stock.

    im sure their is a tone more but i cant think of it all now. sorry

    amd athlon 64 x2 3800+ running @ 4600+(if i remember right)
    Corsair ddr2 800 1gb xms2 pro series oc'd
    seagate baracuda 7200.10 sata 400gb hd
    msi k9a platinum mobo
    his x1950pro 512mb (DO NOT EVER BUY THIS CARD, I AM ON MY 5TH AND NOT ONE HAS WORKED RIGHT!!!, i just ordered a gigabyte hd2900xt should be here fri. needless to say i am excited!!!)
    kworld atsc 110 hdtv tuner
    creative gigaworks pro gamer 5.1 surround sound speakers
    logitech mx 5000 bluetooth key/mouse combo
    secptre 20" naga3 gamer flatpanel monitor

    thats more or less the gist of it.

    let me know what you guys think.

    also i have more and higher res images(6mpx) i just put the little ones on the net to save space and it loads faster.

    Happy Modding

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    manchester X2

    Looking good.. and it brings back memories.

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    manchester X2

    my plans for the rig Manchester X2.

    i want to get at least another gig of ram idealy 2 sets of 2 gigs total
    and i would like to get a second graphics card (HD 2900xt) to run crossfire 2 graphics cards
    also i would like to get another segate baracuda hd to run a Raid 0 array 2 hard drives

    you guys starting to see y im writing all of this out "2 graphics cards, 2hard drives" its not cuz i dont think you can add.... well some of you. it is to help you all see where the X2 portion of the name came from. ps its a dual core processor too!.

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    manchester X2

    yea i saw that taz, it should make you happy to know that this is actually the second iteration of the rig formerly know as Thunderbird( for very good reasons as well.) it is basically a complete rebuild from the case up (and even somewhat the case too) of that rig, another Zygoat creation, making it a next gen system.

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    manchester X2

    heres a pic of me when i had all of my comps and my phone all running the same styles (window blinds and skins on all three so that they looked exactly the same) it was pretty pimp. actualy it is still on Blackmomba(my laptop) and my phone but not Manchester X2

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    manchester X2

    Mighty fine looking PC you have there. You did a fine job at painting. Keep up with the good work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    manchester X2

    just a little up date i got my 2900xt and i love it! also picked up 2GB of ram, now i just need another HD and maybe one more stick of ram. (that one does look a little lonely). also there is a shoot of it with just the uv lights on.

    hope you like it. i know i do.

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    manchester X2

    Super!!!! It's looking sweet and your ram looks good to boot. Glad that you like your 2900 and let us know when you get the second one and install it please. Happy Modding to ya.

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    manchester X2

    Looking great!

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    manchester X2

    The lights on the RAM really add a nice touch. Almost matrixesque with the characters falling down the screen.

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