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Thread: cool modding project

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    cool modding project

    A member on fusionmods started talking to me about creating some software to control LEDs. he has a specific purpose for them that I won't give away yet since he's not finished, but it got me thinking... This is kind of old school, to avoid having to purchase microcontrollers I'm writing up an app that controls up to 8 LEDs that will be connected to the printer port. And no i'm thinking, what kinds of blinking patterns would be cool? I'm going to look into network activity and drive activity, not sure exactly how i'll do those yet, but it's something i'm looking into, but i'd like some other ideas you might all have Currently I'm able to set custom speeds easily enough, but I want to take it a step further.

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    cool modding project

    CPU temp, CPU usage, memory usages, New Mail.

    The old Knight Rider scanning effect is always a good one.

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    cool modding project

    next week i'm going to build the circuit when i have some time and i'll show you guys a small demo of the very initial stages

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    cool modding project

    hey faceless,

    maybe you could use a decoder? you'd get up to 32 LEDs on one LPT port! (8 I/O ports) - depends on the deoder!!
    maybe I could help some, I've written a small program in QBasic, not sure where I have it but it did control LEDs on output, nothing special tho..

    btw, if you need a BETA tester.. hehe

    I'll be sure to print the board out and make it asap (if it's free ofcourse )

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    cool modding project

    If you could pull off the scanner effect, i would totally want that. But looks like a great project!

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    cool modding project

    scanner effect=the knight rider effect?

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    cool modding project

    yeah that one... sorry, i forgot that not everyone is crazy over the show. back and forth lights essentially.

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    cool modding project

    by the way fusinfun, I've found this:

    you might want to check it out

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    cool modding project

    hehe i have one of those! they are wicked but i need a new one...the pcb board messed up anyway....i wouldnt mind this aswel...i need a new scanner......nice idea!

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    cool modding project

    whats the knight rider/scanner effect? Right now it's still in the earliest phases of development.

    As far as the decoder i'm pretty interested if you have any places wher ei can read up on it i'd be more then interested.

    And dex, as of this moment there isn't any need for pcbs. lol hopefully in a couple of months i'll be finished with my own cnc router so i'll even be able to do the boards at some point if needed. but thats just getting way to ahead of myself i think, lol. right now it's pretty simple, nothing complicated. I figure i'll get the easy stuff down first, then start expanding upon it.

    as of this very moment it controls 8 LEDs, individually or you can sync them up. so far I've just set them to various timers which was easy i took maybe a couple hours to code it and make it look nice. the hard part will be figuring out how to read disc activity, memory activity, network activity, ect..

    I start developing this maybe i'll turn it into a colaborative project, who knows. lol as of this moment it's just something fun in my spare time so who knows where it'll go from there.

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