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Thread: cool modding project

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    cool modding project

    The Knight rider effect is just a line of LEDs and the light travels back and forth. The same thing as the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, if you know that one.

    Dex: Thanks, i might have to try that... but i hate PCBs... so many bad experiences from shop class. (I always got the screwed up one)

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    cool modding project

    as far as the knight rider goes, i could do that one already. Right now i'm on the verge of showing drive activity. once i get that i think memory usage will be a snap. Figuring out network activity might be difficult and as far as monitoring cpu temps, no idea how to do that one yet, but i'll keep looking into it

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    cool modding project

    this is an example, I'm not sure wich ones we've used in school but you do need transistors on the output and the PCB comes a little larger too.. - the decoders give just a few mAmps on the outputs wich is not enough for LEDs, for standard LEDs maybe but ultrabright...

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