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Thread: Paying newegg to restock DOA hardware

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    Paying newegg to restock DOA hardware

    before i start writing i just want to say that i think newegg is by far the best computer store out there.

    but... latly seems like their standard for quality has been slipping... I recently ordered an older model graphics card to use in my htpc so i'd have some better quality. the one i currently have for it is 32mb pci radeon 7200, very very very old. So i ordered a 128mb agp4x graphcs card and it is DOA... The last time i ordered from them they sent me either a dead cpu or a dead motherboard... These aren't the first two times just the most recent. I also had a friend get two dead PSUs in a row from them so i'm really starting to wonder, what happened to that awesome newegg i remember? Is anyone elses feelings for newegg starting to fade?

    btw, the best part is, not only do i get to pay shipping again to send it back but i'm also getting charged $5 for them to restock it, even though it's being listed as DOA

    - click the image to enlarge it -
    I wanted to get this some attention because i'm fairly mad that i'm having to pay roughly 1/3 of the price of the card to get it replaced when they messed up in the first place so if anyone wants to shout this article that'd be awesome!!

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    Paying newegg to restock DOA hardware

    That's really wierd. They probably figure that most people who send in DOA things are idiots and don't know what they're doing. It's still evil.

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    Paying newegg to restock DOA hardware

    yeah i sent them a complaint, hopefully they wave it. i meen it is just $5, but being i'm against this on principle alone

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    Paying newegg to restock DOA hardware

    I ordered a processor from them(my last order from them over a year ago)it came doa, their customer support told me that they can't do anything,I had to take it up with intel,when it clearly said on my order that I had 14 days to rma processors.My first two years of dealing with Newegg was great,but it's still better than those idiots at fry's.

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