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Thread: We got hit by a Tornado!

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    We got hit by a Tornado!

    Last Monday a tornado ripped through my sub-division. It went through in just 20 seconds or so, but wreaked havoc for everyone. I was too busy trying to get my kids down to the basement to watch the storm. You really realize how unimportant your computers and belongings are until you've been there. My house is fine structurally, but there is some damage to my roof and some of the siding. I live in a forest preserve and have a lot of trees on my property which incurred the most damage. My evergreen tree at the edge of my driveway ripped right out of the ground and fell in my driveway, blocking the path.

    I have a HUGE 100+ foot oak tree in the back that fortunately fell away from my house. If it had fell on it, it would have destroyed much of my home. The roots got pulled right out of the ground when it fell leaving a 6 foot hole in the ground.

    Here are some of the other trees that fell too.

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    We got hit by a Tornado!

    WOW...I am glad that I never have to experience stuff like that here in Arizona.

    Happy to hear that you and your family are OK.

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    We got hit by a Tornado!

    I'll thank God that you and your family are safe. I use to live in Lubbock, TX and I know how scary those storms can be. Glad to hear that your house is still usable. :idea:

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    We got hit by a Tornado!

    Glad to hear that you and family are safe TGS

    I think my risking Cal's breaking off and falling into the ocean, is pretty tame by comparison to that

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    We got hit by a Tornado!

    yea, glad to hear your all ok, here in britain we dont get many tornadoes im just glad that tree fell the way it did, it would be a bad thing to have a tree in your living room lol

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