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Thread: 3 years till Windows 7

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    3 years till Windows 7

    Also, codenamed Vienna, Windows 7 is set to launch in 3 years. Why so fast for a new OS?

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    3 years till Windows 7

    I guess Vista has been such a success that they thought they better get started on it's successor quick

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    3 years till Windows 7

    In my eyes, and a lot of people I know,think vista was pushed too fast for it's own good,if they would have done more R&D and released the first service pack with vista it would have been better.And if you did not notice, in the weeks following Vista's release, Microsoft stock went to hell.They want to recover the the people who, like me, stayed with XP.
    I have heard people talk about this new OS and how much better it's gonna be.Let's face it vista was a forced OS, that took 6 years to develop.MS isn't ready for a new one just yet,they need to perfect Vista.But I wouldn't expect the new one to be out in 3 years,they said the same thing for vista (or longhorn )It says in that article TGS provided that it will take until the end of the year for them to have a service pack up for Vista. Sorry for the rant,I felt like typing. :lol:

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    3 years till Windows 7

    At the rate there currently going up with each OS, 7 should run about $800-$900 lol
    Had I not got a free upgrade I would not have it, the cost is way to much for something that really doesn't do any more than XP. I find myself running XP allot more than Vista...

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    3 years till Windows 7

    in the grand scheme of things, vista may have turned out to be another windows me. with that in mind, windows 7 will be like another xp, a huge leap. then again it might jsut be another wista with a few extra themes, lol.

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    3 years till Windows 7

    actually i find vista to be more stable than XP was when it was first released. still a memory hog but in 2 years it will be perfectly fine

    also i hope the next one has something that was not copied from Mac OS X, even though vista is a dang good copy

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    3 years till Windows 7

    i'm looking forward to seeing them copy some stuff, lol. I meen we all know thats kinda how windows does it. I really like where they're going with touchscreens. And I hope to see something like that combined with the 3d desktop environment you see in ubuntu with beryl.

    heres a vid of what i'm talking about

    but developing the surface microsoft has really jumped the ability of what your basic touchscreen could previously do. So my hopes are pretty high.

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