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Thread: USB hard drive modding

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    USB hard drive modding

    here is my trusty 4gb mini hard drive, picked it up about a year ago, 60$ after a MIR.

    but its been through a lot and the USB connector would only work half the time, it was time to take it apart and give it a new case.

    luckily the USB connector is an easy fix, something was just loose.

    and here it is opened up

    and the guts taken out. yes, this is all there is to it, i'm keeping the rubber on the hard drive to be safe

    and a quick test to make sure it works (which it does)

    still no ideas on where to put this drive...but they should come soon

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    USB hard drive modding

    Hope to see something soon, that's a sweet little setup you have there. Happy Modding to ya.

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    USB hard drive modding

    yesterday I glued part of the old case to the USB connector, for grip and it shows how far the connector needs to go to be plugged in.

    and for awile I was keeping it inside this mint tin.

    it fit perfectly, and I almost left it at that...but I had all these NICs laying around

    and here they are, striped down a bit

    and striped down even more. I'd already started nibbling one :P

    and here's what is now the top

    making sure they're similar in size

    using the right angle attachment I won from faceless105/dremel. REALLY came in handy

    the first side

    a test assembly

    using a nibbler is a lot cleaner than a dremel

    all the pieces

    and all the superglue drying

    notice also the hot glue around the connector, to add to the reliability

    for reference, the BEFORE pic

    and the final pictures

    I used the blue PCB for the front panel only, I really like how it stands out

    and my bench, covered with a sheet for pictures and to keep dust off everything

    and to prove it works:

    the LED shines through the board

    and so concludes a quick, and very satisfying mod.

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    USB hard drive modding

    Cool idea theedge44...

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    USB hard drive modding

    I must admit, the original inspiration came from TGS's motherboard case

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    USB hard drive modding

    Sweet! Awesome! Good work! It looks good, you should be proud of yourself.

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    USB hard drive modding

    Cool mate, and its cheap/free too

    I think I'll give it a go (in a different way of course)

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    USB hard drive modding

    I have to do that with my external HDD too :P(80 gig, SATA)

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    USB hard drive modding

    Awesome and it might start a new modding trend :-)

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    USB hard drive modding

    there it is with heatshrink

    informal poll: HS or back to how it was? can't say im entirely satisfied with how it looks right now. maybe i'm just crazy

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