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Thread: Blast Furnace Case Mod

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    So I am getting a second computer, and I wanted to do something interesting with it so I decided to case mod the hell out of it. I decided on a Steampunk theme since that is what my apartment decor is already heading toward. Specifically I settled on making the PC into a Industrial Revolution era Blast Furnace.

    The case I am starting with is a <a href="">XCLIO 6030PLUS Black 0.6 mm SECC/ ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case</a>

    Since I don't have any of the materials in my possession ATM and since I am antsy as hell to start I did some planning mockups in Photoshop. They aren't great but they give the general idea.

    The case has a side mounted 350mm fan. By changing the colours of the 4 LEDs on it I hope to get something like a flame effect. Then I am adding copper plumbing for just the general feel of things.

    Putting in front 120mm fan, again replacing the LEDs for the fire effect. I also am going to put some acrylic flame gobos in front of the fan to make it even better.

    Replacing the power switch with an antique two-way toggle from RadioShack. Same with the Reset button. The Ignition toggle will control all of the fans and LEDS

    One 5.25" is for the DVD drive, but another is going to be a coal (or coke) hopper. I am getting a 5.25" storage drawer from CompUSA and filling it with model railroad coal.

    There will of course be more pictures as the work progresses. I welcome any suggestions and creative input.

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    Welcome to MI Arreo! Sounds like an amazingly cool project, now I can't wait for you to start!

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    You should route all the fans around backwards.. so they intake from the back and sides and blow out the front.. (maybe through the coal box too?) then its even more like a blast furnace. Of course that could kinda screw up the cooling efficiency of the case....

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    So it's a momentary contact toggle? I would make sure, otherwise you get not-turning-the-computer-on results. I looked it up and they do exist, but they are relatively rare. I don't know if you can get one at radioshack. By the way, welcome to MI! Grab a coke and stay awhile. They're in the fridge in the basement, right past the gallery. Lol. Anyway, I have an idea! Red/orange led's in the optical drive! That way there's a light leak, plus it'll be all glowy when you open it up! I don't know how that would affect the lasers, though. Hmmmm.....

    You could make your screws look like big old bolts by taking a big acorn nut , screwing in the appropriate bolt, cutting the bolt off at 1/4", and lathing it down to the proper width and then threading it to 6-32 (the standard computer screw). it wouldn't work with the motherboard, but it should with the other screws. That or you could buy an acon-nut style thumb screw. You'd need a lathe for the first plan, though.

    Have you looked at the flame mod? It's in the site members section of the how to's.

    I hope these ideas help!

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    Welcome to MI and I'm sure that you will have a following of this case mod and will get some ideas here and there. We have a group of modders that are quite active and you'll find many of a idea flowing around the website at any point in time. So like brightshininglights said, grab a Coke and stay awhile. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Great idea! Maybe add a few red LEDS that may light up the base of the case or towards the front.
    Hmm maybe some sort of temp gauge somewhere that reads 450f or higher.

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    Blast Furnace Case Mod

    I have another idea! Get some uv reactive paint and put it on that mesh on the side panel. Then you can get a red cathode, cut the center pipe in half lengthways, and mount a cathode in there so it's shining on the mesh from the outside. Then it will look like the metal is glowing with heat!

    More ideas! Make it smell like a blast furnace! You could rub a hidden panel in ash or maybe do some research and buy a few bottles of smoke smell. I know that it exists because they use it at Disneyland and other theme parks, as well as in specialized virtual reality systems. It would just be very time consuming to obtain.

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