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Thread: Drum computers????

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    Drum computers????

    I was sent this link by a friend: I was thinking, you could have a whole drum set, each with its own computer!

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    Drum computers????

    Wow that sure has to look nice

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    Drum computers????

    "Please note that our PC cases are not built from pre-made drums. The "L" series case looks like a drum,"

    boo its not a real drum, that would be sweet though esp for a highly electronic band

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    Drum computers????

    Hehehe...hillarious!!! :lol:

    That's one of the strangest and funniest cases I've ever seen!

    Thanks for the link, brightshininglights

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    Drum computers????

    No prob, I was sent it by my drummer friend.

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    Drum computers????

    No prob, I was sent it by my drummer friend.
    Oh...anyway, you can tell him that we really liked it!

    And yeah, it's too bad they're NOT made of real Drum!!! :lol:

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    Drum computers????

    Wow, those are pretty sweet, expensive, but pretty darn cool if you ask me. I have a few friends that would probably love to have one. I'll have to show them. Thanks for sharing the link.

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    Drum computers????


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