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Thread: Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    Im a fan of the FF7 series and i love Vincents Chain, i know its copyrighted but i want to paint it on the side of my antec 900 the side with the window near the front. The solid black plastic area not on the window itself. Here is the picture of what i would like.

    better shot

    anyone know a program that might be able to give me just the outline? and if this seems pretty much impossible how about a picture of two pistols criss crossing?

    any help would be appreciated

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    I would say a thing we use in the shop for enlarging and tracing pictures to steel. Its a tracer, kind of like a transparency projector but it can do pictures out of magazines and books.
    Its a bit expensive for one project but, it can take a relatively small picture to 10 ft. All without distortion due to pixels stretching.

    or print it on a large sticky paper and then cut out the black or leave it to paint the rest.

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    Welcome to Modders-inc! How much detail are you putting in it? You said the outline, do you mean the sillouette or all of the lines in the second pic? How big would you make it? The whole area or just a little tatoo-type-thing? Basically how you would do that it get yourself some thick paper, print whatever you want on there in black and white, and cut out what you want painted with an exacto knife. Then tape it on your case, mask off to avoid overspray, and paint. The only thing that you need for it to work is for all of the part you're keeping to be in one piece. If you were to use that second picture you would start by photoshopping out that idiot logo (or finding an image without one), printing it onto cardstock (hardstock?), and cutting out all of the gray. If I remember correctly the area of the case you are talking about is smaller than 8" by 11.5", so a standard size piece of paper would work. If you don't have any (c/h)ardstock you can get it at scrapbooking stores. There are other people who know how to make stencils better than me, so consult other guides if you're confused. I'm just talking out of my butt on this one, but you *might* be able to use an iron-on printable t-shirt maker thing from Fred Meyer. I would test that method on a piece of scrap metal before doing anything to your case! I'm sorry if I'm telling you things that you already know, but your knowledge level was unclear based on your question, and it works better to shoot lower than higher.

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    Well thanks for replying both of you i will check out the hyperlink that you provided the grimone. To answer bright's question, i was planning on doing the silhouette of the logo. Then maybe adding the eyes of the wolves, nothing to extreme just kind of basic. But i would like to have some of the detail in there if possible. But i will look into that paper and i have an exacto knife. It would be time consuming but i could probably get it done. And thanks for the advice it was all helpful.

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    On second thought, a large sticker would work better. You would print as usual then cut as usual, but you would be able to stick it to the case instead of taping. The problem with using paper is that it warps and then paint gets underneath, ruining the effect. The problem with stickers is that they come unstuck in your printer. I'm sure there are people who know how to avoid that issue better than me. If you're just doing silluoette you would have to use a sticker for the wolves' eyes, as there would be nothing supporting it. Also, check out Ullyses' "silver dragon" mod in the work log section. Maybe you could do something like that.

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    Emblem For Antec 900 Side Need Help

    thanks i will def have to check that out.

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