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Thread: heh, wish me luck

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    heh, wish me luck

    after this post, off goes the computer, off comes the panels, and out comes the hard drive cage

    yes, i'm jumping onto the vista bandwagon, using a brand new 500gb drive

    this should solve my gimped explorer.exe issue (because nothing else will, ive lived with it for weeks)
    this should be painless for the most part, we'll see how I like vista...

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    heh, wish me luck

    Good luck and I hope it works out for you. Happy Modding to ya.

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    heh, wish me luck

    I had my first experience with Vista a few weeks ago. No thanks, XP works just fine.

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    heh, wish me luck

    I think you will initially want to go back... but once you get it all tuned up, you will be happy. Good Luck!

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    heh, wish me luck

    no regrets so far, i'm just glad the wireless network support is so good. a fresh start so far has cured a lot of my XP woes

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    heh, wish me luck

    I am still leary of Vista at this time. I have it installed as a second OS, but have not used it much.

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    heh, wish me luck

    I know I'm not trying Vista before they get drivers for my audio system out...
    ( want to know why? :P linky )

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    heh, wish me luck

    I will be installing vista for a customer soon just for the DX10. I know people at microsoft (yay for living in seattle), so I'll get a discount. I have a couple of unused xp home serial number stickers lying around, so I may give them one of those as well.

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