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Thread: Wasn't sure.

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    Wasn't sure.

    I wasn't sure I would participate in these groups after the CMG topic. Glad AF stopped it.
    I need a place to come to where people won't call you dumb or be sarcastic to you if you ask silly questions. Remember, we all need to learn. So if you know something already, be an adult and help, don't act like you're king of the info and act like a jerk, and look down on us newbies. That's so immature, and helps no one but your own ego. For the most part, most of you are so kind and helpful. And I hope to gain a lot from your experience.

    May modders-Inc go, where no forum has gone before.

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    Wasn't sure.

    MDCS, I'm a noob and I have found that the admin and members of this site are concerned about you thoughts as well as your health. So feel free to ask away, they really are willing to help. It's almost like home. :idea:

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    Wasn't sure.

    I see it as "there are no newbie's, just people looking for answers".

    I think there was a movie a few years back called "Pass it on". If you did something nice for someone they in-turn would do something nice for someone else. THAT is what we want these forums to be like!

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    Wasn't sure.

    Well put AF....
    Great, Great movie And the Title is "Pass it Forward" for anyone who interested in watching it.
    Ask away!

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    Wasn't sure.

    That is what we are here for.
    And welcome to M-I MDCS.

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