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Thread: Compaq Server Mod

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    Compaq Server Mod

    So You'll cut the metal into that shape using the dremel? Interesting.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Thats the plan just have to get it to school where I have a working dremel(robotics team tools ) Sadly I went today and the power was out from these storms so it looks like this project is kind of stalled for the next few weeks, unless we replace our dremel that died 4 years ago....

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Instead of a large window I think I would make a few smaller ones, say about 4-5 inches across, in different shapes that may highlight certain areas. Painting it IS A Thinking like orange or red for some reason.
    Creamsickle orange with off white highlights would look cool, IMHO

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Last night I had it on and running memtest after intalling the second 512 of RAM. The top started getting quite hot so I opened it. The CPU was almost cold, but half of the sticks of RAM weren't getting much air blown on them and were quite hot to the touch. Now I think I will be making some sort of RAM coolers for these, or just routing more air towards them.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    sounds good, keep us posted.

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