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Thread: RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    Not sure where should I post this to...

    I found a wicked looking case on the net, RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB
    here's the link:

    Does anyone have it? It looks really cool but I'm worried about the interior - how are the HDDs placed, how much place for other components etc... If anyone could post some pictures or something I'd be in heaven (I was googlin' around but couldn't find anything good..)



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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    Kind of reminds me of the Gigabyte 3D cases or the Alienware cases.

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    Raidmax cases have a lot of "blade" style windows/grills, if you know what I mean.

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    they are cool ^_^

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    I have the raidmax case, not great if you have multiple harddrives.

    I'll post pictures later.

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    looks sim to the xblade case i have....

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    RAIDMAX Ninja 918WB

    The best way for me to find a case is to read review from owners like in newegg or clubit or whatever that sells them and usually there is a lot of detail of what people like and dislike of the certain products

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