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Thread: Poor man's drill press

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    Poor man's drill press

    This will be about the shortest guide ever, and it's nothing that I made up. It's an old trick for drilling a specific distance into something without a drill press. First, determine the length you want. You can use a ruler here, but in most cases it won't be necessary. Then, put electrical tape (any tape really) starting where you want the drill to stop drilling.

    Then, making sure your drill is square, drill into the item in question until you reach the tape. When the tape hits your workpiece, stop drilling. There! Your distance is secure. I just thought that I would share this with anyone who didn't know it already.

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    Poor man's drill press

    i didnt know that but i wish i did great idea whoeva made that up :P thanks for sharing with us

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    Poor man's drill press

    Good idea

    altho, you have to tape that up good else it'll fall off when the drill is spinning

    I use a similar technique, I take a water-resistant pen (don't know how you guys call them so I can't search on google for the picture..) and mark the spot when I want to end - preety similar but only useful when drilling in metals, if you try plexy or anything.. you can't really see anything

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    Poor man's drill press

    Actually the tape stays on pretty well. If it heats up too much it can slide up, though, but it has to be pretty darn hot.

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    Poor man's drill press

    It works dang well. I used that technique when I built Lucid Dream and when I put an LCD into it.

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    Poor man's drill press

    That's so simple and makes so much sense, I'm a bit mindbogled. Heh, I'll be using that tip.

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