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    Floating Tech

    Hi. This is coming from the Philippines. It's a take on forward thinking designs on technology. This one aims to be the most affordable and most adjustable workplace, environment-friendly, transition from a luggable computer to a mainstay desktop, space saver, easy cleaning and maintenance; all that, while being a piece of art. It's been hanging since 2005

    I'd like to share this "computer sculpture" called "Floating Tech":

    Alvin Chan

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    Floating Tech

    haha thats pretty cool but i dont think i would trust its safty lol

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    Floating Tech

    haha thats pretty cool but i dont think i would trust its safty lol
    I have to agree with Razer heh

    if I look at my tower wich has my UPS mounted in the case... :P (preety heavy heheh)

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    Floating Tech

    Hello. It's been hanging for more about 2 years now. It does vibrate a little when someone's cleaning the roof or when heavy vehicles pass by (rarely) but it's standing the test of time, thankfully. Believe it or not it's just mounted by 3 regular hooks each about an inch big. The chain system I designed seems to be working. It's quite easy to clean the bottom and easy to open and maintain; You just open the open with the LCD. I adjust the height adding/subtracting the boxes or adding/subtracting the chains- low cost adjustable table in a way, hehe. Laters.

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    Floating Tech

    interesting solution to save space. And was there a reason you had a windshield laying around?

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    Floating Tech

    Thanks for the interest. The windshield was given by a friend (there's another one actually). It's from his old car. I saw it in his yard just being used as a cutting table for food, so I asked if I can have them. I went home and cleaned it up, figured it'll look good coz' of the curve. Things do roll from time to time but it's not that bad in actual use. Sometimes I adjust the height of the table by subtracting or adding more boxes coupled with the height adjustment on the "Floating Tech" by subtracting or adding chains. Using the boxes as the table's stand is quite earth-friendly and when you need the boxes to store some parts, you know where they are. It's easier to tweak or maintain this setup because you just remove the panel (with the monitor) and put it on the windshield table. the 5.1 speakers are also mounted on the ceiling along with the subwoofer (it's at the back of the CPU box). Though, there's always room for improvement

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    Floating Tech

    Sweet! But I dont know that I would trust it either!

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    Floating Tech

    Just an update, the two windshields (the other windshield is not used in this old photo) has become a table for drawing now and storage (it looks like a sculpture, a piece of art also). I've created a unique hanging table from iMac slot-loading parts that is aluminum.

    It has changed now though: Razer mouse and keyboard, windowless Lancool black casing (placed on the table) and a more practical normal L-shaped black table (art vs. practicality now) with one of the iMac G3 aluminum chassis used as an extension to this table to make more room for the mouse but I will chain mount the satellite speakers to preserve the floating/hanging nature of the workplace's design when I find the time. I plan to color the desk to dark green (the room looks best in white,green and gold ornaments coz' it's possibly the colors dominant in heaven, lol. I even have a hanging golden apple, sort of a reference to that Garden. The room's meant to be a place to be relaxed and to be focused to counter the street noise)

    Thanks for looking. Gbu.

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    Floating Tech

    Images Please!!

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