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Thread: Dell hardware woes.

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    Dell hardware woes.

    Alright I've been browsing this site for a while now and a lot of stuff has helped me here so I decided to sign up. Um..I've already asked around a little but I'd like to get the opinions of the peeps over here. I have a dell dimension 9100 and these things have been notorious for being difficult to mod due to the whole dell proprietary thing..I recently bought a sapphire X1950 pro and after opening my 9100 up I realized it came only with a 375W psu. So I went back and ordered a 500W this thing comes with a 140mm fan and I'm not exactly sure of the stock dell psu fan specifications. The cables for the stock psu are diverted all over the motherboard...but it shouldnt be that big of a hastle to remove...the problem is that I'm not sure if the new psu will actually fit in the case...cause theres this tiny clip you have to push down on to release the stock psu...anyone else here have or had this problem? you think the 500W will fit in? if anyone has the stock dell psu size specs that would help me too...I couldn't find it anywhere. MY video card and new psu should be arriving any day now. Thanks again for the help.

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    Dell hardware woes.

    As far as the psu dimensions go, you should be able to crack open the case and measure the thing with a ruler. I have a couple of Dell dimension 8250's so I sort of know what you mean with the clip. On mine it's just a little bracket that you push down to let it slide forward, nothing that really involves the psu. If it stays it obviously limit's the size of the psu, but I could drill the rivets out of mine pretty easily. Of course these are two entirely different machines, but hopefully my advice can aide you.

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    Dell hardware woes.

    If the Dell uses a standard size PSU and the one you bought is a standard size it should work. The thing you have to watch with the Dell units (not all but some) is the pin-outs on the ATX (big) connector. Some of them like to swap pins, which means a standard ATX connector isn't the same.

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    Dell hardware woes.

    Another option is to purchase a new motherboard and processor of your choice and it should be compatible with the rest of the system and while your waiting on the new parts then you can mod the case to what ever you would like. Then you won't have the proprietary thing to worry about. I would base this motherboard and processor off of the memory you have. If you have DDR memory than you'll need something on the order of a AMD socket 939 mobo and a AMD64 processor but if you have DDR2, then you have to go with a AMD socket AM2 mobo and processor. Just a thought and the brand that I was using was for example. I have some Dell stuff and I also found that the front panel I/O wiring needs to be changed around so that it will fit on a mobo that isn't a Dell type. Good luck on what ever you do, Happy Modding to ya.

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    Dell hardware woes.

    Putting a new mobo in those dell cases can be tricky. Sometimes the motherboards are funky shapes, and sometimes they're held in with sliding clips instead of screws. I would be comfortable with my drilling and tapping skills before buying a mobo. Also, that's a pretty new computer so I doubt that there would be reason to switch. You'll only have problems if the motherboard connector is wacko, and if that is a problem you can just take the old p1 connector and wire it onto the new psu. Unfortunately the pins are welded into the p1 connector instead of held (like in a molex), so swapping around wires and grinding down plastic pins isn't really an option. Just match up the wires and you'll be fine. Of course most of this advice applies to hypothetical situations, so don't fix something if it's not broken. Do you have a spare atx psu that you could test the fit with?

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