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Thread: Project: Raven

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    Project: Raven

    A few things before i actually start doing things:
    1) This mod will take quite a while as I do not have what i need or what i want to actually do this
    2) This worklog may contain questions every now and then so please read what I post.
    Okay now to get down to buisness

    This mod is based off of one of my favorite games "Armored Core" now there are a whole bunch of them so i'm going off two of my favorites Armored Core 2: Another age and Armored Core: Nexus
    So far what I have done is looked around the internet for images that I might use, I am also looking for anything in the game such as logo's or building.

    So far I have the basic computer Link which i just painted a nice blue color (note:thats not my actual computer but its the same case design), I also have some images from the game Image 1 Image 2

    I also am planning on buying This Action Figure and doing something like the DOOM mod and creating a landscape of some sort

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    Project: Raven

    cant wait for you to start btw i have same case

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    Project: Raven

    Should be something to see.

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    Project: Raven

    I did a few sketches of what I might do but my scanner is being dumb and it wont show up on the webcam so i'll do something with cardboard and an action figure or something so you guys can take a look of what im thinking of doing.

    Edit: okay sorry for the quality but here ya go

    basically theres going to be a smaller building in the front and a taller one in back with the Robot thing flying up the side of the building and on the other side it'll have this image

    The smaller building will have a "garage" door and will hold the hard drive and the taller building will hold a fan or two

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    Project: Raven

    Raven596 I'm not one to turn my PC's into a game/toy theme but at the same time I enjoy those that do it too there own and I'm looking forward to watching this build.

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    Project: Raven

    Well the neat thing is I am going to make it so if I dislike it I can remove it easily, so if I end up hating it I could always take it off, move the fan and do a simple repaint

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    Project: Raven

    Armored core?Good game, looks like this is going to be sweet!

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    Project: Raven

    I need to contact some company about their disk cleaner thing, it scratched the hell outta my AC:Nexus disk which ticked me off...Also I'm going to see if I can get my b-day money a month early too so I can buy some styrene plastic sheet's bondo and that action figure thing.

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    Project: Raven

    I found some images from the newest Armored Core showing a few buildings that i'll be using as a reference

    Basically Im going to do the same thing in the first image, but im not so sure how to get that stone/cement look for the building's

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    Project: Raven

    Sounds interesting Raven596
    Not sure on the stone, someone that know more about art can prob tell you what to do there..

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