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Thread: How Do You Price Your Mod?

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    Hello. Just supposing you decided to price your mod. How much would be the fair price for mods? Is the mod's price just the current price of the parts? How do you the price the labor you've put into thought and implementation of your mod? Is there a formula for this? How will modders justify someone who'll say, anybody can do that mod (that's because he or she has seen your idea already), that it should just be base on the the current price of the parts. Thanks in advance. Gbu. -Alvin

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    I've never really done any serious modding (I have a case 20% ready tho but too lazy to finish it..) but if I did serious modding, I'd count in the price (at least):
    - price of the materials used (plexy, dremel disks and so on...)
    - time spent (maybe a few hours more :P)
    - idea (well it does have a price, right? )

    This is my theory... altho, I'm not sure if you can just sell modded cases as the country wouldn't get anything for it - taxes and you might be in trouble :P

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    If I do a mod for someone, it's usually because I'm also building them a computer and because I like to mod as a hobby. I don't charge them for it. I do this becuase a kick-ass watercooled mod with a pentium-3 test board doesn't exactly have the same effect as a kick-ass watercooled mod with cutting edge (or at least new) gaming hardware. I would take donations if someone offered to pay me for a mod, but I mostly just do it for fun. Because of the time and energy involved in a serious mod there is no way to make it profitable. 40 hours (at least) means around $350 (again at least) just for time, and that's minimum wage. At least for me materials aren't that much of an issue, maybe $50 for paint, metal, grilles, whatever. Basically it adds up to more than most people are willing to pay for their case. Most people that have the money to pay someone to make them a case are already buying Alienware computers and their ilk in order to keep their warranty and have their computer built faster. Unless they're rich, eclectic people. I'm just speaking from my experience, maybe someone has found a nest of rich computer-lovers that want snazzy custom cases.

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    Hmm quite the good question. What made you think about asking it?

    Lets first get this out of the way...unless you have someone that has more money than they know what to with you will never get what a mod really cost to do. And if you know someone like that then I need to talk to them...LOL

    The hardware is already pretty much at a set price before you start so you have to take that out of the equation. The real price that you would be paying for is the time and labor that it requires to do the modded case. So what is a modders time worth it the $ question. One factor is the "Modder Factor". The more famous the modder the more they could charge. Kind of like with cars. Let’s say you could buy a tricked out car from the local hot rod shop, but that same car done by FOOSE could be worth twice as much, right :wink:

    Another factor is the "WOW Factor". The more work done, the more you pay. A black paint job looks cool, but add some flames with a light touch of pearl red that fades out with yellow just took it up a notch.

    Starting to get the picture?

    Lets take the last mod I did for Cooler Master, the Radio Backpack. That was done for no money for me, but I got hardware out of the deal. That was the agreement because it serviced both Cooler Master and Modders-Inc in the end. Cooler Master got a case that caught lots of peoples eye’s at CES and Modders-Inc got a lot of exposure. How so, here is an example. There was a sign was displayed at the front of the case stating that Modders-Inc created the Radio Backpack. I was so happy to see it there I got my picture taken with it.

    So as I am strolling around and talking to Lian-Li I was stopped and was asked “Modders-Inc… (reading my lanyard) did you have something to do with that Cooler Master Mod?” “ I did it” I replied . “Really well I am with Vology and we would like to talk to you about working with us”

    I have already been asked to recreate that mod a few times and my asking price, with misc hardware would be about $800.00 USD

    OK so you want the real answer to your question right? Only you have the answer and the question you need to ask is….

    What is your time worth to you?

    That is what you are selling and that is what people are buying.

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    I don't know how to do it as a hobby, but if you wanted to it as a job, like run a business, check this (I love this site):

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    How Do You Price Your Mod?

    Great info AF. I'm interested in getting a little mod business going myself.

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