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Thread: Theme pending

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    Theme pending

    today I picked up a few goodies, and boy am I exited. of course as soon as I got home from school I tore right into it all

    (sheet of thin, clear acrylic from a local shop[$15], cheap case w/PSU, resident evil 3-games-in-1 package. Have to catch up on lots of PS2 titles before MGS4)

    a nice black canvas! there was a cheaper pre-mod at the store(a blue "Blaze" case, but it was butt-ugly)

    starting to take it all apart

    the 450w PSU doesnt seem half bad, 24 pins and everything (no SATA, but i've got adapters i never used for that)

    the front panel came off easily enough using a screwdriver without a bit (worked PERFECTLY)

    a surprisingly well designed front panel

    and the flimsey frame (the front panel makes up for it)

    most of the cut-outs taken and piled up

    the I/O ports were also well thought out and a good touch (easy to remove and work with)

    also the buttons and LEDs are quite nice

    the front, stripped down

    dremeled out the rear grills (roughly)

    a tiny bit of nibbling later, I found a use for that U-channel I got from MNPCtech, its great stuff!!

    the front grill was going to be a problem, because its obvious i'll use a 120mm fan, but the grill isnt perfect for one. Look hard and you'll see a fake CD (the kind at the bottom of spindles) and theres a fair space around it with no airflow!

    carefully marked out some cuts....

    I must say, i love the dremel right-angle attachment. thanks and faceless105!

    (before nibbling and filing)

    then covered with more U channel

    Now; i'm not sure what to do with this case yet, all i know is i really wanted to mod something, relax after school starting up and so on.

    I've never worked with plexi before, so this is going to be a very fun mod, but i'm thinking of doing a themed case.

    Being a creativity-deprived individual, I'm stumped on what to do next. Its pretty obvious a window needs to go in, but maybe one at the bottom (cut out the pattern thats already there) and maybe something at the top.

    Theme options so far are: Gundam (the only anime that i've liked) or metal gear solid (should lend itself easily enough)

    All input and suggestions are very welcome

    (pictures should be proper size, but theres always the chance resizing didnt work, someone please verify this for me, thanks)

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    Theme pending

    That looks like a pretty good case, I'm looking forward to this mod. I would think about venting the front fan with one of those things from MNPCtech. Of course if you did that you would have to reroute all of the front panel junk. I like motherboard pack panels that have all the holes in them, they let you put in a back window.

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    Theme pending

    That is going to be a sweet machine when you finish it. I'll be watching this one for sure. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Theme pending

    today's work was all about the front panel. Still no decided theme...but its looking pretty obvious :P

    fans mounted, along with a custom 120mm grill (not the final grill, i'll probably make something in line with the theme

    and a MGS picture that i'll probably use for a window. Also; i love those red TT fans

    a MGS logo would fit perfectly on a drive bay...

    if it werent for this indented piece of silver plastic

    took out the LED housings from the front panel. My problem was that I had this nice custom grill, and the bezel was blocking the entire thing!

    so i started cutting...

    and kept cutting (always mask around your cuts!)

    and finally filed for a good hour

    here's the mesh from MNPCtech drying after a clear coat

    and there she is!

    rear view (hot glued)

    I decided to use the case's 3 1/2'' bay for the power and LEDs. I decided a chrome vandal proof switch would look perfect, so I'm in the process or ordering one.

    also I used some carbon fiber film, for a special touch

    and there the bezel is, attached. Look closely for the MI sticker!

    its safe to say i'm off to a GREAT start

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    Theme pending

    Outstanding job you did on the bezel grill. It turned out just beautimus. Are you going to paint your frame of the unit? If so what color have you in mind? Your update photos are great. Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Theme pending

    i'm definitely going to paint the main chassis black. that will make whatever grill i use in the end stand out more.

    tomorrow i'll make a trip to canadian tire and pick up a few things

    black spray paint
    "the tape of the gods" (double sided tape for windows)
    a 120mm hole saw

    the tentative plan for tomorrow is that once i've got everything, I'll cut a square in the top, for a square window, then cut a 120mm fan hole in it. Put a custom grill on top of it and it will look great

    I'm going to use this case to sort of showcase the grills. Also when my dad went in to the compute repair shop to pick up his laptop, the guy who sold me the case was asking if i'd cut into it much yet. maybe i can forge a relationship there

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    Theme pending

    nice idea you have going on here, i like it, good case to use aswell, can ask, are you going to do anything more with the front bezel?? like any kind of design to hide away the standed metal of the chasis??

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    Theme pending

    thanks for the comments guys, and chassis paint is DEFINITELY on the to do list. which will cover up the bare metal around the front fan.

    I've also decided on a colour/lighting theme. Looking at the red fans and black case, i'm going with red and black. The motherboard i have in my closet is also black with a red heatsink, so that should work perfectly.

    didnt make it to canadian tire today, but I found something else that needed modding, THE POWER SUPPLY!

    orange sleeving(the only stuff i have. it should still look nice on black) my PSU tool kit (proved their worth. a custom case for these tools is also in the works) and various black heatshrink tubes.

    oops, voided the warranty!

    and sleeved the first (and easiest) cable.

    obviously this was a learning experience, which is half the reason i mod - to get better for the next project!

    I like the look of the cables coming out of the PSU

    Nothing brightens your day like a sticker that comes off clean

    I marked out a small, and distinct window shape (its slimmer than most, and feels a tad unique)

    there it is, in all its un-painted (it will be black, with a red LED fan inside) and un-cut glory

    and here it is, all green. thank god

    displaying my MI stickers proudly 8-)

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    Theme pending

    It's looking good and the power supply is starting to strut it's stuff also. So keep up with the good work and thanks for sharing with us. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Theme pending

    3rd update in 3 days, and the way things are looking progress will soon start to snowball

    the results of a big hard ware store run

    cut out the window for the PSU

    cut, filed, sanded, and ready to go

    a base coat of primer..

    the wires had to be cut and soldered to get the plugs out of the PSU's case, this picture will also serve me as a reference


    and both painted matte black (it was getting late and the wet paint reflected the flash poorly)

    the PSU should look great when done. maybe tomorrow i'll pick up some red lighting (fingers crossed!) and put the plexi. window and 80mm fan in the top

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