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Thread: Project: 001 The first of many

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Ok, since I'm green at this, I figured I'd start off with something simple. Cut a few holes, add some mesh, give it a paint job, yada, yada, yada. You know, basic modding fare and I did come up with something. Don't expect to see anything ubertacular from me either, I'm just some guy learning something new. Of course I hope to make something that's crazy awesome some day, but for now, it's basics all the way. The first entry on the original log on was submitted 08/18/07(playing a little "catch-up"). So, let's get going and scroll down with me.

    First off, the patch of earth where I'll be doing most of my modding is in the basement which is very nice, 'cause in the winter I'll be busting out my vinyl mods, OH YEAH!

    Here I have a Coolmax CV-502 Silver. Awesome? Hell no, but it will be.

    I've also learned that factory blowholes really do stink, so I made them disappear.

    Money shot.

    I like uniformity so the rear vent got dressed up too. One thing I'd like to mention about U-channel. When fitting it into whatever blowhole or vent, make it longer than it actually needs to be, say 1/8" inch AND cut it at a 90 degree angle. I say this because the extra length will actually help the u-channel push toward the seam from both ends, thus making the seam disappear at first glance. I had to do it this way because I won't be able to hide the seam beneath a grill. it'll be totally exposed, just like you see here.

    I was going to do a dual 80's turbine but decided on a 120. We'll come back to this again.

    This was a stencil I made during the planning of this build. Just some simple flames I drew and cut out of 1/4 inch foam board. If you do this, make sure your X-acto is SHARP and I can't stress that enough.


    Remember what I said about uniformity? The side panel fanhole looked to be round, but I cut it square. The factory should have just made it square to match the rear blowholes. Bah, whatever.

    Well, I didn't want to disturb my son while he slept, so I went on to some quiet work and scoped the bezel to find a solution for the turbine mod.

    I got rid of the front USB ports and jacks, but reflecting on it now, I shouldn't have. I've never used them so I didn't find it necessary. Anyways, this is what I salvaged. Your standard led's and pwr/reset buttons.

    The blowholes match! The VGA vent was going to have flame tips, but they don't anymore. If they didn't have those holes in them it would've worked out, oh well.

    The holesaw ride wasn't fun because I wasn't cutting into a flat surface as you can see, but in the end it worked itself out.

    I then used 1/4 inch fine line tape(1/8 inch is better) and transferite paper for my flame job.

    ...and the top and right panel.

    I had purchased a chrome spinner for my 120 and wanted to get a "looksee" at where I was headed with this......Ahhhhhhh!

    I started on the bezel, applying some "Everglass" to it to flatten it out. Ric neglected to tell me about the fumes, so I almost died. Lol, j/k man. I remembered though, "Just build it up is all I can tell ya", I won't forget those words of wisdom. What a pain, but necessary.

    Then my mother in-law's boyfriend dropped a screwdriver on my panel and dented it.......*%&^$#@!!!!! so I said what the hell and decided to go to bare metal. I was pissed and yanked out my sander. I was pretty calm after I was done, haha. Modding can be therapeutic!

    Eh, no complaints here.

    After a weeks vacation down in Florida I got back to my mod. Peeps, when painting bare metal, use self-etching primer. I didn't and some of this chipped, glad it was in places of no consequence. Anyways, I handled it and then sprayed down a few coats of black metal flake paint, and after a few hours of drying in front of a fan, laid down the flamage once again.

    and again achieved a nice flow of the flames from side to side.

    For the flames I chose Blue metal flake. Not uber yet in this pic, but I did see it in my head.

    Tested out the look of the modder's mesh and was happy with the pattern I chose; round hole.

    ....and at a distance. Yeah, that'll do.

    Then I added Silver Metallic lines. Use paint pens folks, they're sweet! However, practice laying the lines down, it takes skill of which I have to increase myself.

    Right panel.

    ...and a better look at the left.

    Hooked up my bezel like I learned to do, care of the MOD NATION tutorials. w00t!

    Then I had a quick idea on the fly for my buttons and LED's. Simple, but it'll work fine. Replaced the pwr button with a "vandal".

    I then painted the bezel the same as the flames, but while I started to put down the lines, a lightbulb flashed above my head and I stopped right there. I'll show yas what I came up with later on in another update.

    Top and Right panel.......

    ....and finally the left rear with the silver metallic modder's mesh in place.

    Well, this is where I'm at so far. I have some work to do still, but the end is near and someone will hopefully pay for this bad boy and make their friends envious. That's the goal anyway, so until next time, have a safe and uber day fellow modder's!

    001 UPDATE 09/18 The paintjob's done!

    I started prepping the bezel last night. Came up with some little ideas along the way and re-lined sections of the bezel once or twice. It doesn't look that bad, but if I were to say there aren't any flaws, that would be a bold faced lie, lol. My paint jobs are good, but man, my lining skills suck! I used an oil based paint-pen and it works great, but my technique isn't. I'm thinking that on my next mod, I'll get back to basics with that and use a fine paint brush instead. I'm a lot more steady with a brush then I am a bulky pen.

    I decided to keep the bezels base color blue metal flake rather than black, so I could keep a flow of blue from the side panel flames; to transpose the color scheme just a bit from the chassis to the bezel.

    My lining wasn't too bad, but being the builder, I always spot flaws. You can easily notice that I got a little "wavy" on the bay covers, but some will be popped off when drives are installed.

    Upon reflection of what I did around the button and LED holes. I should've just went straight down and not tried to be "artsy". Gah, it annoys me looking at it, but there's no going back now. :shock:

    And there it is folks, the paintjob's done. All I'm waiting for now, is my fans, maybe a PSU and definately some case feet which I'll be ordering soon. I might throw some handles on this too, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe Home Depot's got something decent. Well, later peeps and have a good one.

    001 UPDATE 09/19 Hmmmm......

    I took some time out to work on my bezel after a late dinner with my wife and as I was gaining my momentum with it(I had Sonic Temple playing :headbang: )I got interrupted with some dumb %#$!@ from work, but I got passed that and drove on. Burning the midnight oil yet again.......and lovin' every minute of it. It's kewl to be creative again. Well, let's move on shall we? Just a couple steps anyway.

    After putting the buttons and LED's back in, I kind of think I can get away with it. It really doesn't look that bad does it?

    Yeah, that looks like it works ok.

    And I do like how it kind of sticks out of the side. It makes it seem like there's something going on on the right panel.

    I got my fans in today. They're fixed speed clear Logysis 80mm fans with blue LED's. The rears are of coure set for exhaust and the panel fan for intake. I put in some cable tie down thingamajiggys to keep things neat. Anyone know where I can find some small ones?

    Note: .an style="color: yellow;">You should NEVER stick anything into a powered system unit.

    Just a couple lil' things I thought I'd toss in. Take it easy all.

    Update: This build is sponsored in part by Bill Owen of Thanks for the support Bill!

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Welcome to MI mod-zoo, I must admit that for a first posting you did a bang up job. Your mod is beautiful, the colors work well together and your flames look great. Your work with the bulky pen turned out just fine, but if your better with a brush, then you need to do another mod to show us your brush action. Anyhow, this is a mod that you should put into our gallery and again welcome to MI and remember that if you have any questions please feel free to ask because we try to make it our business to help each other to move this hobby of modding to a higher level. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Wow! When I saw the bezel I was Amazed! (my brain isn't working well today with words - It deserves better) it's Well Kool! Love to see more of them welcome to M-I!

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    That looks fantastic! I must say that I'm impressed. The only pen flaws that are obvious to me are the bay covers. Taping off straight lines is always a good idea. Other than that it looks amazing. I agree, put this in our gallery. Windowless cases are always a nice departure from the departure. Welcome to Modders-inc, I hope that you will bring many more beautiful cases and comments to our forums.

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Hey, thanks for the kudos guys. It reaffirms why, I'm doing this. It's kewl @$# art and people dig it!. Brightshininglights, you get 10 points for spotting the bay covers. On some of the other forums I've posted on, I guess my designs around them were appealing enough to detract the viewer's attention away from the error. Of course I see them, but nobody else has until you. Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, it's almost of no consequence, because a couple will be popped off for drives. Lol, the crappy ones go first.

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Yay, 10 points! If it bugs you too much you can always order new drive bay covers, maybe even some mesh ones for better airflow. I'd like to see this with lights and fans installed, particularly the front turbine style one.

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Aye, that 120 is on the way and the waiting's the hard part, but whatever. I also have some kewl Machined Billet Case Feet coming in from They're hot.

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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Outstanding feet for this case. Outstanding company to buy from also, anything from that company is top-notch so you can't go wrong with a purchase from them. So make sure to post a update when those feet come in. I'll be watching for sure, those feet are beautimus and then to go onto this beautimus case is just fantastic. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: 001 The first of many


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    Project: 001 The first of many

    Sa-weet. Can't wait! You should think about underlighting.

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