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Thread: Comp startup problem.

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    Comp startup problem.

    Hello everyone. Locust here.
    Well, to start, I had ordered a cm stacker case, painted it, put my watercooling in and parts, flushed the bubbles out with my jumped psu, etc. Now, I have all of hte cables connected and I turn on the PSU. The green light on my asus a8n sli motherboard turns on. I go to push the power on button in the front of the case but nothing happends. Nothing is hooked into the back of the case, just hte power cable for the PSU. I have been staring at this for a long time, wondering what it could be but I can't seem to solve it. I've tried only one stick of ram, no good, I tried taking out the motherboard battery, then putting it back in, no good.

    I could really use help because the laptop I am typing this on is not going to last me, I also really want to see my computer in action!


    NOTE: You can talk to me on xfire, my username for it is:locust13

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    Comp startup problem.

    Its hard to diagnose stuff like that via the web without seeing everything.

    Make sure your power switch wires are connected in the correct order, reset switches as well. Does the board use the P4 connector? Some will not fire without it. Re-Read the manual and quadriple check everything.

    If all is correct and nothing happens still. Then try another PSU. If the same result, test the PSU on another system to ensure its feeding power to all connectors.

    Worst case senario, you can remove the motherboard, and all components and connect them with it laying on a table / desk. Then figuring out which two pins are needed for the power switch, and short across those with a screw driver. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOING. If you fry it dont blame me .

    Need to narrow down things to find which component is causing the problem.

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    Comp startup problem.

    Do like Tazz says....start with the bare minimum, PSU, MB,CPU, and Video Card. See what it does then. If it boots and gives you a No Mem or some sort or memory error then install the mem..Take baby steps when trying to trouble shoot.

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    Comp startup problem.

    Well, I've checked the conncetions, I tried the power sw cable from a different case front, no dice. Hmm.... All I've done is moved the parts into this computer and redid hte watercooling. Same PSU that was working fine, same everything


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    Comp startup problem.

    MB isnt shorting out on the case is it? Using standoffs?

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    Comp startup problem.

    Wow! I fixed it. The power sw and reset sw were in the wrong spot, on the motherboard it shows that they should be whre the speaker spot is and speaker wehre the poswer and reset is, i double checked hte manuel, smacked myself on the head and fixed it !. I still have wire management and some cathoes to put in, but I'll get some pics when it's up! .

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