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Thread: DIY Appliques Accents

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    DIY Appliques Accents

    .::Mod Tutorial::. DIY Appliques & Accents

    Ok folks, so you might have some spare/scrap vinyl laying around that you don't know what to do with, but just can't throw out. I know what you mean, that stuff isn't cheap. Waste not, want not, right? That's right, so let's go do something with it.

    I was experimenting with different patterns tonight from rudimentary cutting to more complex ones like this tribal pattern. I like tribals a great deal and I'll be cutting the one furthest left for this tutorial.

    What you'll need:

    1. Pencil or pen
    2. A SHARP X-acto knife
    3. A piece of posterboard
    4. some of that dusty vinyl.

    Note: You also see a piece of typing paper I used to make a cutout. I made a trace right off my monitor at work, but you can draw your pattern straight to posterboard, it eliminates a step.

    The cutout I made earlier. Looks nice.

    Take that piece of paper and start tracing it to the posterboard. It doesn't have to be perfect, just know where you have to cut. If your pattern's already on posterboard, skip this.

    The paper will move around sometimes, so adjust accordingly, don't and you'll end up having a crappy trace to cut. I'll usually have at least 2 fingers in contact at all times so it doesn't move one bit.

    And this is what it should look like when you're done tracing.

    Now get to cutting. You'll want to exude patience for complex cuts, it's going to take time. Get in the habit of turning your piece and cutting in small increments for tight, rounded areas like in the previous pic. Also, always cut towards a point. If you start at a point and cut away from it, you take a chance of deforming the tip, then you end up cutting more vinyl away. We don't want to g:shock: there.

    And once your done cutting...PRESTO! An exact copy and your very own template for use, time and time again.

    Now grab your vinyl and your pencil again.

    This piece of scrap just fits my pattern and sorry about the crappy pic. Waste not, want not! Ok now go cut some more and again, BE PATIENT.

    If you are you'll be rewarded for your effort. You can certainly quit here, because this would work fine as is, but continue on for more pimpage.

    If you plan to apply this to another piece of vinyl like I am, you have to peel the entire backing off. Keep in mind that you can crease and stretch this stuff given enough force, so take it slow and peel with the contours of the pattern. If you have to tear a piece off to keep from creasing or stretching the vinyl, do it! You want an unmarred piece to apply. Also, because of the intricate cuts on this particular pattern, there's no way to successfully peel while you apply. Trust me, I tried it on this and the previous tribal pattern a couple of times to learn and I learned that I wasted a lot of good material. With the more complex patterns, just do it like this, it's so much easier.

    In order to apply the backpiece I'll sort of fold it like so and go straight down onto the accent.

    Then run my finger down the center to make good contact.

    With an applicator of some kind, push away from you to attach the accent. Here you see me using a piece of foam board. I actually find these to be a whole lot better than vinyl applicators.

    Flip it over after you're done and it should look something like this.

    Final step: Take out the X-acto one last time and put an edge on it however thick you like. For me, an 1/8" - 1/4" works great.

    Well, I hope this has helped eliminate some of the scraps you have laying about and perhaps even sparked some ideas of your own. Just experiment and have fun. There's tons of great examples all over the web. pEaCe!

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    DIY Appliques Accents

    Great guide! I currently don't have any vinyl at all, but I'll keep this stored away in case I get some.

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