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Thread: File converting.

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    File converting.

    Hi there, does anyone know of a free easy to use program for changing DVD video format .VOB files to .WMV files?

    I have a few hours of video on DVD (home movies) that I want to stick on YouTube, but cant seem to find a way to upload them from the VIDEO_TS format that they are on. I also want to make a computer making video using my CamCorder and stick that on YouTube too.

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    File converting.

    try dvdx

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    File converting.

    I cant get it to DL, it keeps asking for a donation. I'd like to try before I buy, especially as its an unknown producer.

    I'll give it a try later.

    Thanks mate

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    File converting.

    Take a look at, they have plenty of information on the existing tools a lot of which are free. It's a great resource for all things video.

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    File converting.

    drdivx and the divx codec are a great way to get it into a windows media player compatible file... then i send it to my video player (which takes Divx) and either leave it as Divx or use WMP to convert it to WMV.
    You might have to trick WMP into converting the file from Divx for you, but it has the capability.

    EDIT: Also try .... it has a few size limitations but in general it takes everything and converts it to everything else.

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