My second and third packages arrived today. I found the first one on a post at the end of my driveway. Apparently it had been there all night, as the cardboard was soaked through :x. It contained my $30 Greenlee step bit.

Because of the ambiguous description I was led to believe that it had 1/8" stepping, which would make it 1 3/8" or so in diameter, which is what I need. Instead it had 1/32" stepping and went up to 1/2". Don't order from unknown companies unless they provide reasonable return policies and clear descriptions for their products. Never hope for the best, companies almost always err on the side of giving you less than giving you more. I would return it, but there's a $15 restocking fee and $7 shipping there and back. So it would cost as much to have it as to not have it. All of the bits that are the diameter that I need are around $70, so I think that I'll get a circle cutter.


Here is my long-awaited prize, the secret to glory: 6-32 threaded rod.

Thank goodness it's not bent or anything! Jeez. I honestly don't care too much, as this will be cut into 3/8" sections and threaded into cap nuts with a little lok-tite.

Tadow! I didn't actually cut it for this shot, I need to figure out how to do so quickly and accurately. I'll post a guide once I get everything figured out. This will also help a lot with attaching the fan grill I got earlier, as well as any other irregular objects that I need to attach. My problem of how to attach my optical drives to the plexi drive bay on the Ogborz is solved. Awesomeness achieved!