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Thread: concepting - the gamedrift mod

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    concepting - the gamedrift mod

    my next project is going to be a tribute case, for when the site is re-launched with the new functionality (no ETA yet)

    VERY ROUGH!!! ( i just drew a box and went from there)

    window would be much clearer IRL, but if the colour of the material is transparent, it looks like theres nothing there at all.

    on the drawing board:

    -"as big as i can make it" window
    -2 5 1/4'' bays into a mini-window
    - red ring of death around the power button (3 red LEDs, dont actually mean you system is f**ked)
    -baby blue(ish) exterior, with a ceramic white interior and highlights. I'd like to have it powerdercoated
    -a gull-wing like hinged side panel (tricky, but rewarding)
    - large vinyl or airbrushed logo on the right side. problem is theres a new logo in the works, that i, nor even the owner have seen

    I'm also considering some chrome things (MNPCtech bay covers and handles?) but i doubt they would look nice with the baby blue

    I dont even have a case to work on yet, so everything is still up in the air. speak your mind!

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    concepting - the gamedrift mod

    seems like a good idea, are you keeping this one basic by any chance???

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    concepting - the gamedrift mod

    You could make the window into some sort of crazy geometric design, like string art.
    You could make a front window/grille around the power button in a bullseye formation, as it is a gaming site.
    You could etch their logo into the window.
    You could utilize a new cable sleeving material.

    Hope this helps!

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    concepting - the gamedrift mod

    what is the program that you used to draw out your basic case outline? I am new to the site and modding and have seen peopl use this program alot and would like to get it

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    concepting - the gamedrift mod

    the program's called google sketchup

    the basic version (what everyone uses) is free from google (just google, sketchup)

    it takes some getting used to, but once you do the tutorial you're well off. I have no desgin background or anything :P

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