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Thread: custom cables - feedback needed ASAP

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    custom cables - feedback needed ASAP

    so tonight a friend told me he needed a motherboard 4-pin to molex adaptor. easy enough, I had a molex to floppy and a dead PSU with a 4 pin taking up space

    So i cooked one up

    not pretty, but he needs it for tomorrow and its already quite late (looks like electrical tape. but it IS heatshrink tubing)

    the claws are too tight, so the cardboard keeps them from crewing through the cables

    and here is the final product

    This looks very similar to the real adaptor, but just to be 100% sure.....will running the two 12v off the single 12v work? I'd love to give this guy that assurance as soon as i can.

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    custom cables - feedback needed ASAP

    I don't see why it won't work. It looks good to me and you did a fine job of insulating everything, so tell your friend that it will work fine for him. Happy Modding to ya.

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    custom cables - feedback needed ASAP will work but I have a funny feeling that the single 12v line is going to overheat and maybe melt. The reason they split the 12v line is that a single line is probably borderline on handling the Ampere load.

    Personally I would not run it more than a few days until you can make up a better one.

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    custom cables - feedback needed ASAP

    I concur with AF, you should run it off of two separate molexes. (like the PCI-E adapter)... it should work as it is, but be fast on the power switch if you smell melting plastic.

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