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Thread: Diving So Cal's kelp forest

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    Diving So Cal's kelp forest

    Diving at Catalina kelp forest ...

    not high def .. but you can get an idea of how beautiful and unique it is, and what it's like to be weightless for an hour or so and flying between the trees ... enjoy

    Oh, I just got back from a live a board boat trip to the Dry Tortuga's ... ... What a blast! 5 dives a day, 82* water, 60ft vis .. all made posible for me to go by my friends , met on an internet site ( imagine that )
    spoiled me .. last dive here .. 54* & 15ft vis

    Edit: fixed video link

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    Diving So Cal's kelp forest

    sweeet. My father was into diving for a while in the 80's, but then most of his equipment got stolen .

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    Diving So Cal's kelp forest

    That was beautiful, I bet you had a blast. When I was in Hawaii during the early 70's I did a lot of snorkeling and it was beautiful to dive around the island so I can understand how much fun you were having. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Diving So Cal's kelp forest


    and the last fish... is just CREEPY

    I always wanted to go diving somewhere... and this just made me want to go even more
    (I'd probably go to Australia but the sharks there... brrr )

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    Diving So Cal's kelp forest

    Thanks guys, it was too fun! ... Trip report ...

    Dry Tortuga's ...
    What a blast! I got to meet Jim/Puffer Fish and Keven/Scubadivkev .. and got to see Joyce/joystershell & Mikey + HowardE & Michelle/Muggsy + Tracy/Missdirected , her Sis & Johnny/johnnseko) again, and saw Pete/NetDoc again briefly at Venice Beach

    DB's firsts ...

    Florida dives
    Drift dives
    Underwater SMB deployment ... with Kimber's own pink spool!! :jump:
    Deepest dive -107ft (wreck)
    Longest dive - 94min (Venice Beach)
    Number of dives in one day - 5
    Number of dives on boat trip - 11
    Warmest water - 82*
    Saw a white tip reef shark
    Touched a WWII wreck, the Baja California, sunk by a U-Boat!
    Collected fossil shark teeth at Venice Beach in Florida!
    Roughest seas - 4 to 6ft ... Sometimes had that 100ft boat rolling 40* , was quite an adventure getting back on, the last dive was prudently canceled by Capt Matt

    Learned/remembered to deflate my BC in rough seas at the platform ladder, made the exit much easer even though the sea was rough .. not bobing up and down like a cork trying to remove fins

    Learned to watch particulate matter in water to judge if I was stationary when holding stop - and to do SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) rigging for deployment out of courner of eye while watching particulate matter to stay at stop

    Was very hard to keep beside Joyce and Jim when looking for shark teeth at Venice Beach, they would move on and I would have to find/keep up .. I did last part of dive solo .. I know, I know .. but it did not feel at the time as risky as it sounds, only 17ft, sandy bottom with no obstructions, and after I had already been in that same area for over an hour .. and I came up with over 1000psi after 94 minutes

    107ft wreck dive ... looking at log I did 1.25min stop at 60ft - 1min at 40ft - 2 min at 30ft - 3 min at 20ft ... 13min from 82 to surface .. I didn't want to be too far below my buddies , will discuss half depth stops with dive buddies next time .. was not usual buddies, seas were rough and the downline parted just as Jim and started descent, now we don't know where wreck is, aborted dive, they saw that somthing was amiss as they started drifting away, they motored back and we were picked up, sea was very rough getting aboard and Jim was tired and called going back in so I went in with Johnny & Tracy & Sis, we hot droped on the wreck, easilly seen below us, stayed at the front, forward gun, saw my first Goliath Groupers (6ft long) ... awesome dive! glad I went back down

    This was a hunting trip, so there was less sight seeing than I would have liked, having to stay up with my hunting buddy but I did enjoy it, even helped in rounding up some lobsters (My buddy Jim and I had the most on board, 8?) Howard had a run in on the surface with an agressive bull shark that would not take no for an answer (and poking with spear gun) and he had to give up his catch (!)
    .. As Howard chartered the boat just for this and I have no issues with it

    Capt Matt was very safety consious and you could tell he was quite skilled despite his age (24?) you should have seen him swing that 100ft vessel around on it's own length (no thrusters!) and backwards into that very narrow berth with only the slightest of a touch on the dock ... I think that he's been on the water since he was 9 ... Capt Rick's son??

    Great many thanks to my ScubaBoard friends above that made it possible for me to be able to go on this trip .. what a great group of people!

    DB's dive number .. 49 : )

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