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Thread: Black Chrome - First Mod

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    So I finally got round to starting my first mod.

    Unlike pretty much every case on here, I'm modding a flat desktop, not a tower. I have problems with my current case and the CPU doesn't seem to like to stay attached to my heatsink.

    I'm going to paint the case black and paint the inside (mobo tray, drive bays etc) chrome.

    There will be a total of 4 windows and I plan on adding some blue lights (can't decide between cathode tubes or LEDs) and I'm going to add some extra fans. Heres the pictures:

    First off... The paint I found for the chrome. It's not the Alsa Mirra Chrome... But considering it's a third of the price, it'll do nicely, and it works quite well.

    Heres the piece of metal I tested the chrome on. I first sanded it by hand using a 1200 grit paper, then 'primed' it by using Wal-marts $0.97 white spray paint :wink:

    Alright. The case. Sorry, no Sketch-up plans, but the program doesn't like my laptop, or vice-versa. Out of the top, I plan on having a 120mm fan attached to an 80mm fan through a riser coming off the top of the heat sink and emerging from the top of the case.

    The space on the left is where the reset switch and lights went. I'll be moving those to the floppy drive cover and placing some lexan over the gap with a fan grill. They'll be the fan behind the lexan and the chrome frame. Thats all.

    So far, I've cut the hole for the front window and started to cut the top window. It's slow going, I only have a battery powered dremel. More pictures will come soon.

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    You need to change the links to the pictures, you either moved them or deleted them and they arent showing

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    It sounds like a great idea, and I've always loved desktop mods. But as Testament noted, yous pics is broke. So fix 'em and we will be able to more thoroughly appreciate your work through the magic of photographs (and the further magic of photobucket and the internet in general, but I'm not going to go into that right now).

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    All better now. I fixed the links.

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    Cool, I like that the case has a removable panel on the bezel. Is it from a gateway computer? All the Gateways I've seen has some sort of remove-able peice on the front bezel

    Makes me wish I had that case, I got a nice idea for the front panel already just looking at that last picture

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    nice work man... keep it up...

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    im intrested...i want that case lol am after a media center one dont like it anyway intresting idea u got so erm why didnt u get a new heatsink btw? or is it just u like the desktop style case?? it seems like a gd idea of course tho....

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    Cash is my main problem... rather m lack of cash. And I just feel like a change. I've had a midi tower for the past 7 or 8 years now and I just fancy a change.

    @ Testament: I don't have a clue what the case is from originally, it's just one I've had lying round for the better part of 10 years.

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    Sometimes some of the best ideas come out the creative thinking when cash is low. Don't let slow you down too much, just look around and see what you got.

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    Black Chrome - First Mod

    I understand about the slow cash flow. So just like AF said, look around to see what you have and see if there is anything that could be used instead of buying something. Good luck on this project and I'm watching with interest. Happy Modding to ya.

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