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Thread: Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler

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    Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler

    Here lately it would appears that size does matter when it comes to CPU cooling on air. Looking at the picture of the ZEROTherm Nirvana NV120 CPU cooler we can tell that this thing is huge and the Nirvana NV120 shows us a different style right off the bat with its black finish on the cooling fins. Using a 120mm fan coupled with a heatpipe design, we should see some pretty decent numbers produced by the Nirvana NV120 CPU cooler.

    Read the full review here.

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    Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler

    DAMN!!! I need to get me one of those

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    Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler

    It sure did show to be a hum dinger of a cooler didn't it! Happy Modding to ya.

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    Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler


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