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Thread: re-launch case

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    the new site isnt near finished yet...but that isnt stopping me from starting my mod!

    strangely, this one starts off exactly like my last one...

    but i got a different case, worse front bezel, but cheaper (same 450w PSU)

    chassis is VERY similar to "theme pending"'s

    this front bezel is quite something, i'm not even sure what to do with it yet

    but this is kinda cool

    and here's what i really like about this case: the fan is held with two metal brackets, the top one is movable for 80 and 120mm fans

    back of the front. USB port set-up is identical to TP's

    and here it is striped and looking good

    I decided to start cutting into the case tonight - why not? ive got some time before my halloween plans

    and a nice little idea i got from the bottom pattern

    i'll leave it open like that.

    nothing's been attached yet. I'm hoping to have parts of the case powder coated in my colour scheme: blue and ceramic white.

    examples: panels will be blue
    chassis and drive bays will be white.

    PSU - blue

    bottom mesh - blue

    front bezel, white with blue highlights

    other solid plans: a HUGE square window

    3 5 1/4'' bays will be transformed into a mini-window in the shape of a xbox 360 controller, i may or may not engrave the button layout.

    also, here's the fan cover i've just made, they use two lines of text, so GAME DRIFT will work perfectly

    proof of concept model, the corner is chipped (the CNC machine didnt cut tabs )

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    Alright, now we've got something to work with other than your sketchup box :P. It's looking great, can't wait to see where this one goes. with a CNC machine at your disposal the xbox controller should be a snap.

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    lots of work done today

    I started by planning the (HUGE)window

    checking if i'll have to buy more plexi...

    masked and marked. 1'' of panel left :evil laugh: I'm going to have to buy a jigsaw to cut this, too much for a dremel

    then I moved on to ripping apart the case to prep it for potential powder coating. Regardless, removing all these rivets was a learning experience and kinda fun

    i never bothered to mask this off, i'll be sanding it all

    not too long later i broke one of my 1/8'' bits

    but finally got the top panel off

    then i went off on a tangent, marking out a 120mm blowhole

    At which point i decided to take apart the ENTIRE case. here's another way to remove rivets: a dremel + pliers

    i eventually broke my other bit, this one makes for a nice souvenir

    dont buy bits from canadian tire, if you can help it.

    so there it is, disassembled

    fan holes drilled

    and a rough dremel job

    smoothed and trimmed

    then I took the trim off, and sanded it down

    safety first! especially with breaking drillbits

    still uncertain what to do with this bezel. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE (i still maintain that i'm not a very creative individual)

    my last mod had a custom PSU, why shouldnt this one? but obviously i wanted to do something different

    so i broke out the stencils i used on project A.T. (GD is for gamedrift)

    made the biggest dremel cuts i could

    then made some diagonal cuts, so that i could fit the nibbler in

    a finished D, and WIP G
    "" />


    then I decided plexi. over mesh. this cut insures that i cannot use the same piece for my window

    sadly, the end product wont be blue. but the PSU might (blue with white wires or white with blue wires)

    now that i've got the case in pieces, i can start deciding what's blue and whats white. Unfortunately the local powdercoaters have odd hours (early mornings) and they dont cooperate with my school hours. I'm getting knee surgury tomorrow or monday, depending on if they can fit me in or not (miniscal tear, not serious but a pain in the ass. no need to worry about me) and it could get me a day off when i go talk to the powdercoaters :P

    the GD logo is still in the works, as is the new site. when we finalize a logo, my plans are to cut a piece of plexi in the shape of the logo, with the letters cut out. then mount it on the right side panel (think bill's harley davidson tribute case, with the aluminum sticking out off the window)

    until next time

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    Looking good. As far a suggestions go, you could start by replacing the mesh grille. I know that's what they had it as, but meh. What to do?
    You could paint the inside of the swing door and the part that it covers a contrasting color. About powder coating, you can't powder coat plastic, just so you know. Unless it can be put in your oven and come out okay, it can't be powder coated.

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    Good luck on what ever you decide to do with this mod. So far your doing just fine and I'll come back to check on your progress. We will have you in our prayers for your surgery. Take care of yourself and Happy Modding to ya.

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    The surgery was fine. now all thats left is taking it easy on that leg and in a few week's i'll be running around like usual.

    Lately i've been trying to get a broken/dead xbox 360 off ebay, but they all sell at over 50$ (i dont want to spend that much)

    What i'm planning on doing is taking the power button from a replacement faceplate (viva pinata?) and cutting out the button area, and use body filler to make it flow with the case. This will take up a lot of area in the front which will allow me to really change how the bezel looks

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    That's an ambitious goal, but I'm sure that it can be pulled off. You would need a separate power switch behind the button (it's not one big switch).

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    long overdue two part update:

    So, awile ago i picked up a bunch of tools to help move this mod along

    playing around, cutting plexi

    and testing the brad-point drill bits. they work really well for plexi.

    Then i started to cut the side panel. Lone behold the jigsaw immediately swerves...DISASTER STRIKES

    So i do an off-cut, to see whats left to work with

    and decide to cut the rest by dremel, which actually worked nicely

    thats pretty ugly. At this point i had NO idea what to do, i was actually pretty angry so I left it (good decision)

    So i tried cutting the plexi for the window, which immidiately cracked! So i did the same. left.

    I also did a bunch of work with the school's CNC machine

    first i salvaged the first grill i made with a disc sander

    here's a picture of all the extra plexi after cutting. notice the 3rd sheet? but ive only made an edge and gamedrift grill!

    that because one broke lol. We tried speeding up all the toolpaths but it just didnt work out. so we turned them all back down and it worked the second time

    That one will go on the top of the case. The edge grill might go in my case, or inside the case somewhere as a sort of signature.

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    A week or two later, here I am, ready to cut the plexi properly and fix the side panel!

    broke off the piece

    which gives me a chance to look at this "non-glare" plexiglass, its really cool looking, should look nice

    Next i got to work on fixing the side panel

    a LOT better, its something i can easily live with

    Cut the plexiglass for the window. magically without a problem!

    Next up, the question of how many 5 1/4'' drive bay covers to use in the game controller shaped mini-window

    they're curved alittle, but thats why i've got a heat gun, right? lol

    here's a rediculously rough idea for the front panel. I'm hoping to get an xbox 360 faceplate to put on, and wire the power button to work, as well as show the notorious 3 red leds of death

    so now i've got to find a 360 faceplate, or buy a cheap dead one

    I'll also talk to the local powdercoaters since this project is moving closer to being ready for that.

    dont hold your breath for an update, but stay tuned!

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    It sucks when stuff doesn't work right, I know the feeling. It's a wise decision to stop and come back later, or else you can get a bad case of the expletive-expletive-expletive's, where you start muttering cuss words and feel your stomach drop, and you can't stop killing your work piece. *shudder* I hate that feeling.

    Anyway, good times with that cnc, and that edge will clean up nicely with some u-channel. Speaking of the three-led's-of-death, my 360 did that, so I called microsoft to RMA it, and it started working while I was on the phone with them! Weird, huh? I'm still gonna rma it, I don't want it go dead for good.

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