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Thread: cncing with plexiglass!

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    cncing with plexiglass!

    expanding one the fangrills i've been doing, i was working on a two line one

    I originally wanted to use 1/16'' aluminum, but since i didnt have any, and neither did my teacher, i brought in some of the only material i DO have. plexiglass!

    the CNC toolpaths called for a tab on each side to be left uncut, but that never happened and the cover got free during the final cut, luckily i just lost the corner and its still useable!

    i think it looks great, its really something i'm exited about, because now i know I can use the CNC machine without the plexi melting all over

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    cncing with plexiglass!

    Sweet! I REALLY need one of those.

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    cncing with plexiglass!

    custom fan cover, 15$ shipped :wink: :wink:

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    cncing with plexiglass!

    Plus you can mount LEDs into the edge of it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    cncing with plexiglass!

    I meant the cnc machine, but whatever :P

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