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Thread: Where's Nogig been?

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    Where's Nogig been?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know i havent been on for a while due to some medical probs. Back in july i was diagnosed with major depression, agoraphobia and panic disorder. It took trying lots of different medicine to get me as functional as i am now. I ve really missed the site and interacting with everyone, I'lll try to post some now that i'm more stable.

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    Where's Nogig been?

    That's great to hear that you're doing better. I just had a weekend without my meds and I was a little out of wack. I've got ADHD and mild Asbergers, so yeah. I feel you, man.

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    Where's Nogig been?

    Glad to hear that you were able to get back to some sort of a normal life. As normal as anyone's life can be. There have been a few that have disappeared from M-I, but I am glad that your OK and found your way back here. We missed you.

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    Where's Nogig been?

    Thanks guys its great to be back at the best modding site there is. Been working on a few ideas for the case i won a while back. I'll be sure to make a worklog when i get started.

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    Where's Nogig been?

    WELCOME BACK!!!!! Glad that your back to as normal as you can be at this time. I'll check everyday to see if you have any posting for your next mod. Happy Modding to ya.

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