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Thread: Mod I'm working on.

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    Mod I'm working on.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll give it a shot.
    I a total n00b to modding anything, really...I painted a bike once, but it turned out real crappy, so it doesn't count.
    I saw something like this online somewhere, and I decided to try make one. I took an old Dell, and with the help of my dad, painted it. I'm not done yet, because I'm putting a fan in the side, but the rest is pretty much done. Pentium 2, really old. The only thing I've upgraded in there was the video card, because the stock one wouldn't play some of my sisters games. It doesn't work right, but I plan to fix that. I also installed a few heatsinks and fans on the CPU because it used to overheat constantly. I've had people tell my it wouldn't work, but it does.
    The middle is red, and the sides and bottom are all dark blue.

    Thanks, Max.


    All nice and painted. It used to be beige.

    Eww all messy inside.

    Byes, Max.

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    Mod I'm working on.

    seems like a nice colour...why not cut a window in the side aswel??? it is after all a nice case in my eyes so i uess its worth it and maybe try upgrading the mobo and that?? looks good tho still

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    Mod I'm working on.

    I've always wanted to mod one of those old dell xps's. To me, the guts of a comp don't really matter in a mod. Yes, it's always cooler to have an awesome gaming rig in there, but it works to have an old pentium 2/3 as well. The red looks great from what I can see, and the next step is a window, painting the frame, and some cable management.

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    Mod I'm working on.

    Welcome to MI maximan1, and you chose the right site to post your mod. You are on the right track so far. It doesn't matter if it's a Pentium2 or a AMD K6 as long as it works. The colors are looking good so far and as far as a window is concern, that's up to you. Some people like windows some don't. I do. Having good wire management helps with cooling, so that would help you out if you did a little of that. So keep up with the good work and you'll have a one of a kind unit on your hands. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Mod I'm working on.

    Thanks. The wire management is really needed, I know. It will probably be my sisters computer later.

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    Mod I'm working on.

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.

    Once modding gets into you blood that all you will bleed. ;-)

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