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Thread: Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    The X-Jupiter Junior S Type case has some big features that are defiantly worth mentioning. First and foremost there is a very noticeable 250mm intake fan. Additionally, it has a tool-less design, sturdy construction and sharp looks.

    Read more about the case in the review.

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    Not a bad little case all in all I suppose. Got a few glaring little uglies in it but what stock cases don't. I think it would be a decent little thing to start off modding. Did I miss it, is there a price point for this case? Decent review all in all though.

    also your specs aren't showing up correctly at the bottom of page one.

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    What or where in the specs is it messing up? It shows fine here in IE and FF.

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    hmm, maybe it's only in the green and black format that the grey with black text isn't showing up.

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    Cool case

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    very cool but too small for me :P

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    Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

    nice looking case and very smart indeed!good review man later days

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