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Thread: Zalman CNPS 7700 Fanswap

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    Zalman CNPS 7700 Fanswap

    I think most of you know what the Zalman CNPS 7000/7700 series is.

    This badboy. It's an older design, but aged to perfection. Using the stock fan, pictured below, will get you a semi-silent cpu cooler that is extremely potent at cooling.

    The stock fan is what is holding the heatsink from doing better. Not only does it buzz and rattle, but it isn't as efficient as possible.

    Here is the stock Zalman fan compared to a 120x25 fan (Coolermaster fan that came with my case).

    It’s about 2mm shorter than the Zalman, as you can see here

    The first step of swapping the fan is to remove the fan on the Zalman. There is a bracket that takes 2 Coarse screws on the side of the heatsink without fins. Remove the two screws, and do not lose them. Slide the whole fan apparatus off, and then on the bottom, there are 2 small 1/8” Fine-threaded screws. Remove these, and do not lose them. The fan should come off, and there will be the retention bracket (for mounting to motherboard) and the fan-holder. The next step is illustrated below.

    Basicly, drill a 1/8” hole into your fan, exactly 40mm apart (center to center). Make sure they are straight to each other, and 20mm from the exact center, and they must be straight. Then add a spacer that is 2mm thick, poke a small hole in the center of it, and use it.

    Screw the whole thing back together, put the retention module onto the bracket, put the bracket onto the fan, assemble, and make sure the fan can spin freely.

    If all goes well, then hook it up to your cpu in the same way, and if you chose a molex-type fan, make sure it gets its own uninterrupted lead that will not be used for anything else. Tape it off if you need to.

    Keeping one hand on the power switch at the back of the power supply, press the ON button on your computer. It should start the fan, everything should go well. If not, switch off the power supply to prevent damage to your cpu.

    *** images fixed and you were right Locust AF ***

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    Zalman CNPS 7700 Fanswap

    images don't work, would ya pls relink? looks like a very useful mod

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    Zalman CNPS 7700 Fanswap

    it's because he has a space after the first [img] tag i believe.

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    Zalman CNPS 7700 Fanswap

    nice mod you did there . you could also replaced the motor on the zalman with a newer one aswell ( re use the zalman hold down )

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    Fine. I'll edit it to show MI or something neutral in the backround.

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