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Thread: Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

    If anyone has a Dell Inspiron Laptop, they know that they heat up rather fast, causing everything to bog down and run slow. I was thinking about getting one of those laptop coolers (the thing that goes under with all of the fans) but I was wondering if they work, and if there was something better. Any ideas?

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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

    Welcome to Modder's Inc, FaultBreak! We're a friendly bunch, I hope that you can find a home here. About the laptop, I feel your pain, and here are some solutions that I found. You can put it on a low grated tray and set a fan so it blows air underneath it.

    You can buy/make a usb fan, or household fans and small AC fans work well (alternating current, not air conditioning). Lugging a fan around with you is not economical, so you can use the grate alone with effect as well. The simplest approach is to make good use of the computer's internal fan(s) by downloading Speedfan and cranking up the cool. If you don't have time to set up a grate when you're on the run, you can sit at a table and set the laptop on the edge of said table at an angle. That allows for airflow beneath the laptop. Never put the laptop on a pillow, a bed, or another other soft object, it acts as insulation. Back to your original question: yes, they will do something, but doing anything will do something. I have a friend with a 21" beast of a laptop with a 3.4Ghz P4 that he has to keep around half that to avoid crashing, and he has a laptop cooler. Hope this helps.

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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

    just take it apart and clean the carpet of dust on the heatsink.

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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

    From the coolers I have seen, most are a waste of $ they seam to do little more than you can achieved by propping the back of the laptop up some. A stand like brightshininglights shows wouldn't be bad but basicly all you need it to prop the back up some.

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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Heatup

    well, ive owned a laptop and use one of those coolers that go underneath and to be honest it worked great untill about 2 hours after use...then all it did was blow hot air and yea my laptop was still hot although not as hot as it would normaly get so depends, worth it i guess

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