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Thread: Vertical Open-face(?) CD/DVD-Rom Drive ?

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    Vertical Open-face(?) CD/DVD-Rom Drive ?

    Just joined this forum, hoping to find some clue to my question.
    I have (what I think) is a GREAT idea for a custom case.

    Without giving out the secret, it requires a vertically mounted CD/DVD-ROM drive,
    where the top of the CD/DVD faces forward. Ideally, I'd have a clear plexi-cover over it while in use,
    but my basic questions are these:

    Does anyone make a vertical-mountable snap-spindle (not sure of proper terminology here) cd/dvd rom drives?
    I'm thinking of the kind of drives you have in Laptops, where you snap the disc onto a spindle. In this case, I would snap the disc onto the spindle (and maybe close the lid?!) and be ready to rock, where you can see the CD spinning while in use?

    In lieu of any manufacturer that can provide this out of the box, does anyone have any suggestions, advice, or point me to any FYI/DIY websites on how I could hack up a dvd drive from a laptop, to accomplish what I'm looking for?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    Vertical Open-face(?) CD/DVD-Rom Drive ?

    Sorry I can't answer you question but I just wanted to welcome you to MI and hope that you find us friendly enough to stay awhile. You will find that this is the best website on the web and that you'll find someone will come up with a answer to your question as soon as possible. Again welcome and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Vertical Open-face(?) CD/DVD-Rom Drive ?

    You are looking for a similar functionality of a portable CD player (top hinged lid with a snap mount center pinion) but you are needing it to be a data CD type of device.

    maybe you could find a way to transfer the electronics of a laptop optical drive and put them into a portable CD player type case.

    Would require some modding, that is for sure... but I dont think that those two devices are that far apart, functionally speaking. Might not require too much.

    That is my first theory.... maybe this will spawn more ideas and get you o nthe right path.
    Best of luck!


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    Vertical Open-face(?) CD/DVD-Rom Drive ?

    Buy a laptop cd/dvd reader, easy to find on ebay, a laptop cd/dvd rom to ide adapter, and a cd-player that looks how you want it to. Gut the cd player, put in the drive, and mod in the adapter. Plug and play. By the way, plexi covered optical drives have been done before. There are guides galore. AF's lucid dream had one way back when.

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