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Thread: Welll... here we go....

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    Welll... here we go....

    My first blog, if you will... and I'm going to start it right here on M-I.

    It'll usually be tech related, but I am certainly not going to restrict myself to just that...

    Look for the Modders Inc articles section, and the TD Blog.

    I'll be working with AF and Tazz to shore this area up. Not sure what their plans are for it, but I'm already starting to use it!

    Keep an eye out,

    See y'all around!

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    Welll... here we go....

    It's there for the using. I actually have a Article module that I was thinking of replacing that one with. I just built it this week while setting things up for the JG site that I am working on. I don't have it live yet for testing but will let AF play with it once I get it there to see what he thinks of it.

    But in the mean time... Use that one all you want . If I change it out later its easy enough for me to convert things over .

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