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Thread: Use carbon fiber?

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    Use carbon fiber?

    hey now that is sumit enit? good luck with that will be keeping my eyes peeled for defo on this one!

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    Use carbon fiber?

    Ive done 3 things so far: research, research, research!
    Looking for ideal carbon type as well as usage. Limited in what I can do by the fact that baking and vacuum bagging will be an issue. There are so many options though that Im still confident in the project once I direct the effort in one way.

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    Use carbon fiber?

    oh and also looking into the heatsink possibilities using carbon. Seems like a lot has been researched the last few years about carbon as a better heatsink. Its all about fiber direction. Interesting possibilities with this project I think.

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    Use carbon fiber?

    wow this will be cool... well i hope you could post some plan sketches... it's a bit too hard to imagine everything!!! hehehe!

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