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Thread: Use carbon fiber?

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    Use carbon fiber?

    I am getting some things together for my first big mod. I am a big fan of carbon fiber and want to feature this in the project. I have seen the case that is avail in full carbon but I wasnt too impressed with the style or the price. I am wondering if a full carbon case is worth the trouble? I am interested in style but also performance. I guess the big question is whether alu is a better material than carbon for a case? Any thoughts?

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    Use carbon fiber?

    First of all, welcome to M-I
    Well, carbon could be better, depends on what kind of a shape you want to make it look like.. Altho, aluminium isn't bad either but it's harder to twist than carbon

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    Use carbon fiber?

    Isnt Carbon fiber a bit expensive? I would sell my own granny for a complete carbon fiber case though, and it would be great for a LAN box due to the weight!!

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    Use carbon fiber?

    I would sell my own granny for a complete carbon fiber case though
    I'm still laughing when I'm wiriting this LoL :P

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    Use carbon fiber?

    thankfully I wont have to sell my granny for some carbon!

    I work in an industry that is heavily focused on carbon so I have a few connections there. I also feel there is a need for a light case esp. a Lan box.

    I dont need a Lan box but I do need it to be slightly mobile but just within my own house. I want to start with a regular tower, see how it goes, how light I can get it, and then think about doing something super light!

    The first step can be the hardest and that is the 'case' for me. I dont know if I should get a new Lian-li and end up replacing a lot of it or start from scratch. I do want a good case with a nice inside set-up so wiring and install can be as smooth as possible. If I knew the case with the best layout inside I would want to start with that. Maybe find a used one if possible. any thoughts?
    the tech spec so far is:
    680i LT sli
    dual 8800gt's
    PSU OCZ Silencer 750W

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    Use carbon fiber?

    A removable motherboard tray would be a good start

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    Use carbon fiber?

    Personally sir I think you should start from scratch and build your own case. I just love a mod that was started from the ground up. I have done that myself and it's my favorite piece. So save your money from buying that expensive aluminum job and use it toward building something that will be designed for what you want. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Use carbon fiber?

    I am thinking I might as well start from scratch. However the idea of having some sort of template in my hands to work with sounds appealling.

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    Use carbon fiber?

    You can draw your own to go by. I did. Not to mention the freedom of changing things if you want. I did. In fact I'm changing it all of the time it seems. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Use carbon fiber?

    youre probably right. Where did you start? internals? external?

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