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Thread: AM2 SLI Mobo

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    Wanted, AM2 SLI Motherboard, Dead or Alive!! (well, alive actually. I only said that for dramatic effect.... :roll: ).

    Any suggestions on which mobo to go for?
    I will at some point be upgrading to Windows Vista, but am using XP at the moment (and Ubuntu). Also I want to be able to overclock stuff (CPU etc.) easily.

    I was looking at the Gigabyte GA M57 SLI 570. Click it like its HOT!! (dont ask)

    I am not really sure what to look for in a mobo, apart from plenty of space for expansion (SATA slots, USB outs), and the correct socket for your CPU.

    Does a motherboard add to your performance (FPS)?
    I have a 580w PSU, will need to upgrade for SLI with 2 8800GTS 320's?

    Thanks again (I know) guys

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    Well, I bought a 1 week old mobo with 4400+ (AMD) cpu for total of 180€ (from my friend who wanted an Intel's CPU when he heard you can OC them more... :P)

    I must say I'm preety satisfied with the mobo I have now - ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
    8x SATA
    no idea how many USB ports (around 8 I'd say..)
    AM2 support
    firewire1394 support (or that.. :P)
    SLI support
    DDR2 dual channel support (4 slots)
    umm 2 CD-ROMs/ATA HDDs
    dual gigabit LAN, COM port and best of all, LPT port IS integrated, altho only on pins behind the USB ports on the back of the mobo wich is even better for LCD screens

    well.. that's kind of it now :P hehe
    It's cool that this mobo already has a built-in fanless air cooling system (north/south bridges) via a heatpipe
    so if you want, you can put a fanless CPU cooler, GPU cooler and fanless PSU and you got a fanless PC :P hehe

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    I must ask britrb if this mobo will allow for the updated BIOS for the AM2+ configuration? For future upgrading. If so then I think it would be a good deal. Just thought I would ask that question for the new AMD processors. Happy Modding to ya.

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    AM2 SLI Mobo


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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    And yes, I think that would be a very good idea. Dex, thanks for the info mate

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    hm...i must ask...about ur gts 320mb, theres a new one out....the 8800gt 512mb...which apparantly acording to alot of reviews ive been reading is alot better..could be worth looking into getting one of them possibly??

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    Here is a link that will tell you a little about the AM2+ type mobo.,6355.html
    Hope this gives you a little bit of knowledge about this type of mobo. Happy Modding to ya.

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    0-0 0-0 0-0

    and IČ bet THAT won't be cheap here in Slovenia :P hehehe :twisted:

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    Razor121, I wont be getting it!! I'll be getting a GTS 640 to add to my SLI rig, as there is a crack from Nvidia to get 2 cards from the same family working in SLI even with different RAM sizes

    em3bilko, looks like I may wait a few months before I upgrade then.... But I presume they will mostly be Crossfire boards rather than SLI

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    AM2 SLI Mobo

    Or is it the same thing?

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