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Thread: Project RatRod

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    Project RatRod

    Long time no typee guys, I have decided to start a new project since I now have a massive basement and my wife can't yell at me to be quiet. haha.

    Anyway, the company of heroes mod I was working got wrecked in the move to the new place so I decided to tear up an old lanboy case I had sitting around.

    As some of you might have gathered I have not been on the site in sometime but that was due part to not having the net at the new house(which i do now) and working like crazy. some might have gathered that i am also a car guy, seeing as its called "RatRod". I have around a dozen pictures already that need to be posted but I haven't got around to that just yet so you'll have to wait. sorry.

    I'm not going to divulge too much info about the project because I want you guys to see it come along first hand without really knowing where its going. I hope you guys stick around to see what happens and by all means ask any questions. Thanks guys.


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    Project RatRod

    Glad to see your back with a project. I'll keep my eyes on this everyday. So I'm ready to see more. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project RatRod

    Thanks em3, I forgot I have the pictures on my laptop that im using now. I'll see if i can't get some spare time and upload them in a few. I'm working right now.

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    Project RatRod

    That's really sad about the COH mod, I liked that one. I'm excited to hear about this new project, and am looking forward to updates.

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    Project RatRod

    Don't give up on it yet, When I moved the front face of the case was broken in half but I have a spare. Just have to get it looking like the original.

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    Project RatRod

    Looks like a winner. Excited to see what you do with it. Love the "rat rod" idea for a theme.

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    Project RatRod

    And heres the pictures so far.

    My Shop (awwww)

    Shop Cat.

    Can't type too much right now guys, sorry.


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    Project RatRod

    I'm really confused, but I think I'm sort of getting it. What glue are you using? What did you cut that upper chunck out with? Is the whole thing getting shortened, or just the front? Where will the new power supply go? Will you use one of those drive bay power supplies? Water cooling, or just air? How sturdy is this thing right now? I guess that's about my list of questions.

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    Project RatRod

    Well here go's.

    The glue is just temp. and is a glue called permabond 200 I got from work. Really strong with metal. My dremel is taking a short vacation so im having to drill holes then flatten edges with a bench grinder. I bought some aviation snips today to resolve that problem. Just the front is being shortened. The power supply is staying in the same spot. Just air cooling for now but i might try water cooling. Its flimsy as hell not riveted together but that will change. thanks brightshininglights for the questions.


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    Project RatRod

    I kinda think I know where your going, and if so this will be cool to see.

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